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23rd Underpass - Real Life / Black Vinyl (2x 12" Vinyl)

23rd Underpass - Real Life / Black Vinyl (2x 12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 10/02/2014

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NADA01LP - Weight: 500g

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Limited edition of 320 copies on 140 grams black vinyl, UV varnished gatefold sleeve, shrinkwrap

Brilliant mix of minimal synth, italo disco, and electropop from contemporary Greek act—remixes by Selofan, The Sweeps, Tony Marinello, Axodry, SwedIT, Techniques Berlin, Codazzi, Flemming Dalum, and Tobias Bernstrup.

23rd UNDERPASS was founded in 2009 in Athens by Costa Andriopoulo (composition, songwriting). The same year saw the release of the 12" maxi single "You'll Never Know / Sometimes" in collaboration with Taxiarhis Zolotas (lyrics, vocals) and John Papagiannis (arrangements) on the Dutch/Italian record label Iventi Records. The single became a smash hit and sold out within two weeks time! The first video clip was aired in 2010 following up on the success of the single. The music contains influences from Italo disco, synthpop and new wave.

Since 2013, 23rd UNDERPASS consists of Costa Andriopoulo (composition, songwriting) and Nadia Vassilopoulou (lyrics, vocals) with them collaborating with various artists on vocals, amongst them Giannis Dimoulas (September Code) and Leo Skiadas (Cinemascope).

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Tracklisting LP1:

No. Track Time
A1 Real Life (Start Living, Living Again) 04:41
A2 Planet 21 04:34
A3 Running (Thousand Miles Away) 06:23
A4 Tears In My Mind - Dream Version 08:44
B1 Because Of Me 06:17
B2 Chances - Full Ambient Mix 08:45
B3 My Life 04:01
B4 Invisible 04:14

Tracklisting LP2:

No. Track Time
C1 Everytime 05:40
C2 The Boy Within 05:20
C3 Remember 05:42
C4 The Night Has Come 04:33
D1 Because Of Me - Another Version 08:02
D2 Invisible - Another Version 05:57
D3 You'll Never Know 04:42
D4 Sometimes - Another Version 05:32

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