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Aesthetische - Dirt And Basslines / Limited Edition (EP CD)

Aesthetische - Dirt And Basslines / Limited Edition (EP CD)


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Released on: 06/26/2015

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The leaders of the elektro industrial music movement in Brazil are ready to strike back again with a super extended new EP!

Since their return on the forefront of the EBM scene, São Paulo's electronic music pioneers Fab and Gui (ex-AGHAST VIEW) have already added 2 full length albums plus 2 EP's to their expanding discography. In 2015, the alluring duo AESTHETISCHE brings back their unique blend of electronics on this new 13-tracks EP, mixing the old and the new, the raw and the melodic... a fresh and innovative approach to post-industrial EBM.

"Dirt and Basslines" (dB) aims at an electronic overexposure of hard and massive beats at times and melancholic / darker tunes at others. It takes us from the harsh, loud and noisy opener song "Dirt" to the hyper melodic technoid dance groove of "Mercy On Me" featuring the hypnotizing voice of Brazilian female vocalist Lisa N., while label mates HALO IN REVERSE gives a HATE DEPT. vs NIN additional twist to the release with their "Anarchy" remix of "Dirt"...

AESTHETISCHE once again display their strong ability of toying with sound diversity while keeping the pace, high and solid. Fans of EBM and EDM will find venue to fulfill their electronic addiction within the realms of this new musical approach. Let the "Dirt and Basslines" contaminate you. A must for fans of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, FRONT 242 and HAUJOBB.


No. Track Time
1 Dirt --
2 Surveillance --
3 Meltdown --
4 Gone tomorrow --
5 Frozen Distance --
6 Mercy on Me (feat. Lisa N) --
7 Sadness --
8 Dirt (anarchy mix by HALO IN REVERSE) --
9 Here today (clubshot mix) --
10 Bonus: Here Today --
11 Bonus: Escape Valve --
12 Bonus: Aydhium --
13 Bonus: Byprodukt (THE PSYCHIC FORCE remix) --

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