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Alien Vampires - Evil Lasts Forever / Limited Box Edition (6CD)

Alien Vampires - Evil Lasts Forever / Limited Box Edition (6CD)


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Released on: 26. May 2017

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Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker crashed into each other during one of those heavy club parties. They could have become enemies at first sight and fought till death, but something special happened that night, one special click united them and brought them in a rehearsal studio the next day: the ultimate fusion was accomplished, the alchemy was there… ALIEN VAMPIRES was born!

Today we are celebrating the band’s longevity and impressive repertoire and history with the release of a deluxe 6-CD box, not only making their full back-catalogue available again in remastered versions, but also adding a bunch of previously unreleased material on CD plus massive exclusive new remixes, alternative versions and special rare songs! “Evil Lasts Forever” is a massive 450 min plus sonic orgy underlining that forceful and uncompromising attitude that makes the ALIEN VAMPIRES gang so unique!

Straight, provocative, true, dirty, revolting, shocking, … so many words often used to describe the unique style of this harsh dark elektro industrial metal outfit. Their music is nothing but who they are. They live their music without limits and perform it with maximum energy and sex appeal. They are aware that there is no way back and keep showing us that “Evil Lasts Forever”…

Packed in a deluxe 6-CD box edition augmented with a 32-page booklet full of band photos, original artworks and liner notes by the band members themselves and 3 eye-catching posters, this anthology box holds remastered versions of the band’s long time deleted early releases “Evil Generation”, “Fuck Off And Die”, “No One Here Gets Out Alive” & “Nuns Are Pregnant”. Add to this, the release on CD for the first time of their successful digital EP’s “Clubbers Die Younger” and “Harsh Drugs & BDSM”. And that’s not all: they also excavated their very first 4-track demo “I’m Dead Fuck You” (originally released in 2004) plus some 31 (!!) exclusive and previously unreleased songs & newly made remixes all spanning the band’s repertoire before the release of the band’s last 2 studio albums “Harshlizer” and “Drag You To Hell”.


ALIEN VAMPIRES keep fukkin’ around and it’s time to grab them by the throat before they catch you and corrupt your soul and mind. It’s subversive, malevolent and addictive dark hellektro as only ALIEN VAMPIRES can write it! Long live ALIEN VAMPIRES… Evil lasts forever!!!!!

Tracklisting CD1: "Evil Degeneration Offspring"

No. Track Time
1 Jesus Christ Buried Alive (EEXEE rmx) * --
2 Show Me The Way (M.O.D. rmx) * --
3 Far From Humans feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO (HELALYN FLOWERS rmx) * --
4 Fuck Off And Die (HELL:SECTOR rmx) * --
5 We Are Going To Hell (DIABOLIC ART rmx) * --
6 Far From Humans feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO (NANO INFECT rmx) * --
7 Nuns Are Pregnant (INFECTED SOUND SYSTEM rmx) * --
8 Far From Humans (PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 rmx) * --
9 Welcome To Hell (HEZZEL rmx) ** --
10 Rave To The Grave (NZ rmx) * --
11 Far From Humans (AVARICE IN AUDIO rmx) * --
12 The Convent Burns (BERESHIT rmx) * --
13 Fuck Off And Die (REACTOR7X rmx) * --
14 Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry (VENAL FLESH rmx) * --
15 Far From Humans feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO (CONSUMER JUNK rmx) * --
16 Nuns Are Pregnant (ALIEN NATION rmx) * --

* previously unreleased
** rare or previously unreleased on CD

Tracklisting CD2: "Clubbers Die Younger EP - Harsh Drugs & BDSM EP"

No. Track Time
1 Harsh & Rotten ** --
2 Clubbers Die Younger ** --
3 Acid Orgy - feat. Sonya Scarlet (THEATRES DES VAMPIRES) ** --
4 Dark Skies - feat. Sonya Scarlet (THEATRES DES VAMPIRES) ** --
5 Clubbers Die Younger (W.A.S.T.E. rmx) ** --
6 Clubbers Die Younger (CHAINREACTOR rmx) ** --
7 Clubbers Die Younger (C-LEKKTOR rmx) ** --
8 Harsh & Rotten (AMDUSCIA rmx) ** --
9 Harsh Drugs & BDSM ** --
10 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (MODULATE rmx) ** --
11 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (ESA rmx) ** --
12 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (SPEED INJEKTION rmx) ** --
13 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (STATIK SKY rmx) ** --
14 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (D.K.A.G. rmx) ** --
15 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (W.A.S.T.E. rmx) ** --
16 Harsh Drugs & BDSM (TOTTEN MECHANISMUS rmx) ** --

** rare or previously unreleased on CD

Tracklisting CD3: "Evil Generation - I’m Dead Fuck You "

No. Track Time
1 Evil Generation --
2 I Fuck Nuns --
3 Fake Blood Is For Cunt --
4 Down In Hell (Satanischer) --
5 Defending The Muthoid Throne --
6 Excuse For All The Blood --
7 Chernobyl Is My Throne --
8 Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising) --
9 We Will Rise Again --
10 I Fuck Nuns (CENTHRON rmx) * --
11 Down In Hell (CUTOFF_SKY rmx) * --
12 The Crop Circle (And Your Children Disappear in the Dark) ** --
13 Funeral Rave ** --
14 I’m Dead Fuck You (feat. Simone Salvatori - SPIRITUAL FRONT) ** --
15 Muthoid Throne ** --

* previously unreleased
** rare or previously unreleased on CD

Tracklisting CD4: "Fuck Off And Die"

No. Track Time
1 Intro – 666 (by IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES) --
2 Fuck Off And Die --
3 Death Cult Devotion --
4 Footjob Addiction --
5 Far From Humans (feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO) --
6 Resistance Ain't Futile --
7 Blood Bath --
8 Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry --
9 To Die With U --
10 One Night Stand --
11 Death To Pigs --
12 The Convent Burns --
13 Hell Descent --
14 Kill The Authority --
15 BDSM --
16 Fuck Off And Die (NOISUF-X rmx) --

Tracklisting CD5: "No One Here Gets Out Alive (bonus)"

No. Track Time
1 Watershed (Everyone Fucks Everyone) --
2 We're Going To Hell --
3 We Are Dead Fuck You --
4 Rave To The Grave --
5 Fuck Machine --
6 Hell.S.D. --
7 Humans=Cunts --
8 Ego Sum Qui Intus Habitat --
9 Industrial Warriors --
10 You'll All Die --
11 Fucking Negative --
12 What The Fuck Do You Want From Me --
13 No One Here Gets Out Alive --
14 Show Me The Way --
15 Watershed (CHAMAELEON rmx) --

Tracklisting CD6: "Evil Excavation + Nuns Are Pregnant"

No. Track Time
1 Fuck Your Exorcism --
2 Nuns Are Pregnant (The Medium Is Born) --
3 Jesus Christ Buried Alive --
4 Neuroleptic Malignant Injection --
5 Fuck Your Exorcism (ALIEN VAMPIRES guitar rmx) * --
6 Anti Cosmic ** --
7 Dark Skies ** --
8 Fake Blood Is For Cunt ** --
9 Won’t See U Even In Hell ** --
10 Thy Mortal Human Side ** --
11 Entrapped In This World * --
12 Alien * --
13 Show Me The Way (LEFT SPINE DOWN rmx) * --
14 The Convent Burns (ALIEN NATION rmx) * --
15 Rave To The Grave (RESTRICTION 9 rmx) * --

* previously unreleased
** rare or previously unreleased on CD

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