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Axel Samano - Deus Ex Machina (2CD)

Axel Samano - Deus Ex Machina (2CD)


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Released on: 16. November 2018

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Axel Samano is an artist whose main focus is electronic music. His productions include musical genres such as EDM, EBM, Rock, Industrial, and in his new production “Deux Ex Machina” he has also demonstrated his ability to transport the listener to another world via his epic musical novel: “The Storyteller.”

Axel released his first album back in 2015, The name of this album is “Thunderbolt”, which from the beginning has gotten rave reviews from critics, one of which described the album as ““intensely enigmatic with mysterious subject matter. The viewers and listeners encounter a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous and sometimes apocalyptic.”

To describe Axel Samano is a very complex task. The double CD Deus Ex Machina presents to the public two parallel visions of Axel: Deus Ex Machina: Antikythera is a CD where the listener will enjoy several musical genres such as EDM, EBM, Synth-pop, Future-pop and Rock. Each musical theme describes the impersonal experiences of Axel Samano.

Deus Ex Machina: The Storyteller is a disc full of emotional tension and, according to Axel, this disc is without a doubt his best creation up to now. The Storyteller is the opposite of a silent movie. It has a story line with music and narration; pictures are left to be developed by the listener. This album is an EPIC MUSICAL NOVEL. Each track tells part of a story and the whole album tells the full story—it’s like reading a book. Each song is a chapter.

Tracklisting CD1: "Antikythera"

No. Track Time
1 In The End --
2 Wanderland --
3 Senseless --
4 The Hunter --
5 A Matter Of Time --
6 Lie To Me --
7 Vexed --
8 Power And Glory --
9 The Storyteller --
10 Ecos --
11 En Infinito --
12 Y En Mi Final --
13 Estoy Triste --
14 1997 --
15 Cuestion De Tiempo --
16 De Profundis --
17 Como Un Lobo --
18 Levitico 21:18 --

Tracklisting CD2: "The Storyteller"

No. Track Time
1 Once Upon A Time --
2 Like A Wolf --
3 Letheus River --
4 Failure --
5 At The Atrium --
6 Quo Vadis? --
7 Verbum Dei --
8 Fundamentals --
9 Free Will --
10 Inter Duos Mundos --
11 Vendetta --
12 In Inferno --
13 Fraudator --
14 Deus Ex Machina --

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