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Boytronic - The Robot Treatment (CD)

Boytronic - The Robot Treatment (CD)


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Released on: 06. September 2019

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After a ten year hiatus, original Boytronic vocalist and songwriter Holger Wobker (Kamerata/Beachead), returns with former Boytronic frontman James Knights (Scarlet Soho/KNIGHT$) to release the brand new Boytronic

Never before in the history of pop music has a predecessor collaborated with their replacement to make a new album. It's very much a thing of legend. And perhaps it's hard for some to understand why two singers occupying the same position would make a new album together. The answer is simply Boytronic!

No one can dispute Boytronic has had a colourful and at times turbulent history, after Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki honed their musical craft at sex shows in Hamburg’s red light district on the Reeperbahn. Known best for their top ten hit YOU, they also released two timeless synthpop records; The Working Model (’83) and The Continental (’85), with both albums considered well ahead of their time and remaining popular to this day. With the band shrouded in mystery, by the late 80s their management had claimed ownership of their name and with a new line-up they continued on without Holger.

Boytronic are back!


No. Track Time
1 Venus Covers Mars (Intro) --
2 Under The Red --
3 All You Can Eat --
4 Wayward Sister --
5 Smell Of Fire --
6 No Sad Songs --
7 Venus Covers Mars --
8 You Can't Get Fooled By Love --
9 Bark --
10 She Gave Me Money --
11 Can't Wait A Second --
12 Bonus: Venus Covers Mars (Antoni Maiovvi Remix) --
13 Bonus: Under The Red - (Leaether Strip Remix) --
14 Bonus: All You Can Eat (Ant-People Remix) --

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Reviews (2)

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