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XP8 - Burning Down / Limited Edition (EP CD)

XP8 - Burning Down / Limited Edition (EP CD)


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Released on: 08. February 2013

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DWA217 - Weight: 65g

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As European cities continue to burn, Italy's premier futurepop duo XP8 breathe new life into their current opus "X - A Decade Of Decadence"...with a 12-track remix EP featuring FREAKANGEL, ISZOLOSCOPE, NITRO/NOISE...and even a guest vocal from NACHTMAHR's Thomas Rainer!

Intended as a companion-piece to the current “X – A Decade Of Decadence”, “Burning Down” builds on the theme of the earlier release - gathering together remixes of tracks from “X” in a wide range of styles from the likes of FREAKANGEL, NITRO/NOISE and many more, alongside an ISZOLOSCOPE remix of the club classic “Juggernaut” and the exclusive new track “The Night Of Pan”.

Strictly limited to 200 copies, with artwork like for “X” by DWA’s lead designer Vlad McNeally, the 12-track CD version also includes as a data track the promo video for “Burning Down” currently setting YouTube on fire. Produced to coincide with XP8’s recent UK and Russian tour dates, this limited physical edition of the “Burning Down” EP (presented like SURGYN and TERROLOKAUST’s limited edition tour EPs “Sharp As Stars” and “Your F**king Dubs” in lightweight cardboard sleeve, for ease of transportation) are available at shows and from selected online retailers ONLY – not in stores!


No. Track Time
1 Wake Up! (Awoken by NITRO/NOISE) --
2 Burning Down (PHUNCKSZTILLE & PINK FOAMY Remix) --
3 Trip feat. Stewart Who? (KOMMAND+KONTROL Remix) --
4 Burning Down (WORMZ Remix) --
5 Juggernaut (ISZOLOSCOPE Remix) --
6 Burning Down (Dirty And Grim Remix by ANTYTHESYS) --
7 The Wound That Won't Heal (PEOPLE THEATRE Pansement Remix) --
8 Burning Down (FREAKANGEL Remix) --
9 The Night Of Pan --
10 Burning Down (NEEDLE FAC†ORY Remix) --
11 Bullet Hole (SKINJOB .303 British Remix) --
12 Burning Down (Outro Mix by CRYOGEN SECOND) --

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