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2nd Civilization - Report From The Dark (CD)

2nd Civilization - Report From The Dark (CD)

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Released on: 27. April 2012

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It is time for a Second Civilization. The band started off in the late 80’s a fun afterschoolproject: a couple of guys coming together to jam on their first drumcomputers and synthesizers. Their influences were Kraftwerk, DAF, Front 242, but also a bit of Depeche Mode and Trisomie 21. Soon they released a demo tape, called Eros and Civilization, with covers of their favourite bands and some of their own synthpop elektro music. Through this tape the band gained popularity and did more and more gigs.

At this time the band was formed by Koen D, who did all the programming and composing, and Johan VS, who was the lead singer. In 1991 they decided to record a full album in a professional 32-track, with only original compositions. Patrick D. joined the band and added guitars to the sound. The album was called Report and was only released on cassette. Today, two of the original bandmembers, Koen D and Patrick D are still actively involved in music.

Long time friend and music producer Koen V joined the band. With a renewed interest in electro music of the eighties and early nineties, the three of them decided to rearrange some of the old songs, with all respect to their old school nature but with a contemporary sound.


No. Track Time
1 Hurt 03:26
2 Lost Control 03:22
3 Report From The Dark 03:22
4 Wives 03:35
5 In Love For Life 03:34
6 D69 02:54
7 Words 03:38
8 I Wish You Could Be Mine 03:21
9 Train To Madness 04:22
10 Agony And Terror 03:47
11 Iris Is God 04:18
12 Report From The Future 03:52

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