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    1 x 100 Protective covers for CD Cases and Digipaks
    1 x 15 EUR Einkaufsgutschein für
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    1 x CD Case incl. Tray (transparent)
    1 x Clan Of Xymox - Days Of Black (CD)
    1 x Club 8 - Strangely Beautiful [+Bonus] (CD)
    1 x Club 8 - The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming (CD)
    1 x Coloured Heads - Both Sides Of Human Being (CD)
    1 x DE/VISION Tickets "Citybeats Tour", 05.10.2018 München, Backstage
    1 x DE/VISION Tickets "Citybeats Tour", 10.11.2018 Oberhausen, Kulttempel
    1 x De Brassers - 1979-1982 (CD + DVD)
    1 x Dexy Corp_ - Fragmentation (CD)
    1 x Dexy Corp_ - Uchronopolis (CD)
    1 x Kirlian Camera - Hologram Moon (CD)
    1 x Kirlian Camera - Sky Collapse (MCD)
    1 x Kirlian Camera - Todesengel–The Fall Of Life (CD)
    1 x Kirlian Camera - Uno (12" Vinyl + 7" Flexi Disc)
    1 x Kirlian Camera / Andromeda Complex - Split (MCD)
    1 x Klangdynamik + Thonar Packet (9CD)
    1 x Mordacious - Sinister : Harvest (CD)
    1 x Mundtot - Spätsommer / Limited 1st Edition (CD + MP3)
    1 x Paul Kalkbrenner - Icke Wieder (CD)
    1 x Psyche - Brave New Waves Session / Limited Yellow Vinyl (12" Vinyl)
    1 x SixTurnsNine - Spinning Numbers (EP CD)
    1 x Solvent - Elevators And Oscillators (CD)
    1 x Sonic Seducer 03/13 with Medieval Special + 2CD
    1 x Sonic Seducer 05/13 with excl. stickers by STAHLMANN + CD
    1 x Story Off - Facing Ground (CD)
    1 x Subliminal Code - Karma In Mortem (CD)
    1 x Tanks And Tears - Aware (CD)
    1 x Totem Obscura - Nordische Feste (CD)
    1 x Touching The Void - Love, Longing And Loss (CD-R)
    1 x s:cage - madness turns to glass
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