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    1 x !distain - America (MCD)
    1 x !distain - Sex 'N' Cross (MCD)
    1 x !distain - The Archive Collection 1992-2016 (2CD)
    2 x A Flock Of Seagulls - A Flock Of Seagulls (Expanded) (CD)
    2 x A Flock Of Seagulls - Listen (Expanded) (CD)
    1 x After The Rain - Kings Without A Crown + The Other Side Of The Crown (2CD)
    1 x Audio War - Negativity (CD)
    1 x Austerity Complex - Reflections (CD)
    1 x B.O.S.C.H. - Einsam (CD)
    1 x Baby Don't Hurt Yourself - Desperation (EP CD)
    1 x Babylone Chaos and Mos[K] - Anatomia Del Ruido / Limited Split EP (EP CD)
    1 x Beborn Beton - A Worthy Compensation (CD)
    1 x Bioconflict - Infighting EP (CD)
    1 x Blood - Les fleurs du mal (CD+DVD)
    1 x Calva Y Nada - Das Böse macht ein freundliches Gesicht (CD)
    1 x Calva Y Nada - Die Katze im Sack (CD)
    1 x Calva Y Nada - Schlaf (CD)
    1 x Contre Jour - Passion And Fall (CD)
    1 x Diorama - Her Liquid Arms (CD)
    1 x Diorama - Re-Pale / Songs & Remixes (CD)
    1 x Dope Stars Inc. - Criminal Intents & Morning Star - Double Feature EP / Limited Edition (EP CD)
    1 x Effter - Bilateral 602 (CD)
    1 x Effter - Comorbidity (CD)
    1 x Emilie Autumn - 4 O'Clock (EP CD)
    1 x Evanescence - Evanescence / Limited Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)
    2 x Future Perfect - After The Fall (CD)
    1 x K-Bereit - A Forest / Limited Edition (7" Vinyl)
    1 x Katla. - Móðurástin / Limited Book Edition (2CD)
    1 x L'ame Immortelle - Durch fremde Hand / Limited Special Edition (2CD)
    1 x Lie Detector - ... To Fly! (2CD)
    16 x London After Midnight - Violent Acts Of Beauty (CD)
    1 x MRDTC - #5 (Straight From Nothington) / Limited Edition (2CD)
    1 x NZ - Against You! (EP CD)
    1 x Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Complex / Limited Exclusive Edition (2CD)
    1 x Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (CD)
    1 x Paradise Lost - Medusa (CD)
    1 x Paradise Lost - The Plague Within / Limited Edition (2x 12" Vinyl)
    1 x Roman Voronov - Electricmusic (CD)
    1 x Rome - A Passage To Rhodesia / Limited Box (2CD + DVD)
    1 x Sparky4 - Sun Within You (CD)
    1 x Technique - Touching The Void (CD)
    1 x Telekon - Hope For Believers (CD)
    1 x WANT/ed - Fringe (CD)
    1 x Weena Morloch - Terror Über Alles - Das Weena Morloch-Manifest (4CD)
    2 x [T.3.R] - History of Madness (CD)
    1 x spreading point - MOMENTUM - PART I / Mini-Album (CD)
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    Zoon Politicon - Black In White / Limitierte Erstauflage (2CD)