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Crisk. - Machlaut (CD)

Crisk. - Machlaut (CD)

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Released on: 05/09/2008

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Their exploding "Das erste mal" mini-cd wet your appetite for more? Their full length "Machlaut" will not deceive you! crisk. is per definition a melting pot of genres and influences which therefore brought them the most diverse comparisons with artists in the likes of T. RAUMSCHMIERE, PZYCHOBITCH, CLIENT, FRONT 242, PRODIGY, DAFT PUNK, FISCHERSPOONER, MISS KITTEN, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, etc. "Machlaut" adds industrial and pop ingredients to their cocktail of powerful EBM, punk electro, groovy house and minimal techno.

This release features the impressive imagery work of their much talented art director Mark Feuerstake who is in charge of the band's visual aspects and who here again signs two splendid videos both featuring collaborations with the band's godfather Claus Larsen of LEAETHER STRIP.


Nr. Track Time
1 machlaut (feat. sascha schneider) --
2 punkelektra --
3 meine stadt --
4 dein geruch --
5 der mond --
6 out of my head --
7 beute --
8 gotcha --
9 zarte gestalten --
10 datenliebe --
11 poker --
12 orient express --
13 fort --
14 die show --
15 punkelektra (LEAETHER STRIP remix) --
16 video: punkelektra (LEAETHER STRIP remix) --
17 video: beute feat. LEAETHER STRIP --

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