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The Cure - Legendary Broadcast Recordings - Live Box (6CD)

The Cure - Legendary Broadcast Recordings - Live Box (6CD)


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Released on: 27. May 2022

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No one ever managed to nail aimless suburban alienation quite like The Cure, so sensitive yet so party-hearty. Robert Smith and his old blokes can still show the young shavers how it´s done even as they enter their fourth decade as a working band.

This 6 (!) compact disc box set is the best document with live broadcast recordings from the 70s to the 90s. 400 min playtime.

Tracklisting CD1: 1981:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Holy Hour --
2 In Your House --
3 The Drowning Man --
4 10.15 Saturday Night --
5 Accuracy --
6 The Funeral Party --
7 M --
8 Primary --
9 Other Voices --
10 All Cats Are Grey --
11 Fire In Cairo --
12 Play For Today --
13 A Forest --

Tracklisting CD2: 1997

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Torture --
2 Fascination Street --
3 Push --
4 The Holy Hour --
5 A Strange Day --
6 One Hundred Years --
7 Piggy in The Mirror --
8 The Same Deep Water as You --
9 Just Like Heaven --
10 From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea --
11 Inbetween Days --
12 Wrong Number --
13 Cut --

Tracklisting CD3: 1990

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Shake Dog Shake --
2 A Strange Day --
3 A Night Like This --
4 Catch --
5 Pictures Of You --
6 Fascination Street --
7 Lullaby --
8 Dressing Up --
9 The Same Deep Water As You --
10 The Perfect Girl --
11 Just Like Heaven --
12 The Walk --
13 Primary --
14 Inbetween Days --

Tracklisting CD4: 1990

Nr. Track Zeit
1 A Forest --
2 Disintegration --
3 Close To Me --
4 Let's Go To Bed --
5 Why Can't I Be You? --
6 Lament --
7 M --
8 In Your House --
9 Faith --
10 Boys Don't Cry --
11 10.15 Saturday Night --
12 Killing An Arab --
13 Never Enough --

Tracklisting CD5: 1996

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Want --
2 Fascination Street --
3 A Night Like This --
4 Pictures Of You --
5 Lullaby --
6 Just Like Heaven --
7 Trust --
8 Jupiter Crash --
9 High --
10 Dressing Up --
11 The Walk --
12 Let's Go To Bed --
13 Push --
14 Friday I'm In Love --

Tracklisting CD6: 1996

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Inbetween Days --
2 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea --
3 Shiver And Shake --
4 Disintegration --
5 End --
6 Three Imaginary Boys --
7 Boys Don't Cry --
8 10:15 Saturday Night --
9 Killing An Arab --
10 Mint Car --
11 Close To Me --
12 Why Can't I Be You --
13 Charlotte Sometimes --
14 A Forest --

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    The Dark Clan
    The Dark Red Seed
    The Devil And The Universe
    The Doctors
    The Ending Nights
    The Evasion On Stake
    The Faint
    The Firm Incorporated
    The Force Dimension
    The Funeral Warehouse
    The Glass Beads
    The Glen & Joe Show
    The Glove
    The Godfathers
    The History Of Colour TV
    The Horrors
    The Insight
    The Joke Jay
    The Joy Thieves
    The Killers
    The KVB
    The Last Cry
    The Legendary Pink Dots
    The Legends
    The Livelong June
    The Moon And The Nightspirit
    The Negativity Bias
    The Nerves
    The New Arctic
    The Operating Tracks
    The Opposer Divine
    The Overlookers
    The Paper Road
    The Phone
    The Psychic Force
    The Pulsar
    The Quinsy
    The Radio Dept.
    The Rain Within
    The Rope
    The Search
    The Secnd
    The Second Sight
    The Secret French Postcards
    The Shade
    The Shallow Graves
    The Shapes
    The Silverblack
    The Snatcher
    The Soft Moon
    The Spoiled
    The Stir Fry Pop Star
    The Stompcrash
    The Stricken
    The Sweet Kill
    The Tear Garden
    The Tough Alliance
    The Toy Shop
    The Twilight Garden
    The Twilight Sad
    The Twins
    The Vacant Lots
    The Villions
    The Violent Youth
    The Voice In Fashion
    The Volt
    The Walking Icon
    The Wars
    The Weyers
    The Wide
    The xx
    The [law-rah] Collective
    Theatre Of Tragedy
    Theatres des Vampires
    Thee Flanders
    Thee Hyphen
    Then Came The Rain
    Then Comes Silence
    Third Realm
    Thirteenth Exile
    This Cold Night
    This Drowning Man
    This Morn' omina
    This Void Inside
    Thompson Twins
    Thought Criminals
    Throbbing Gristle
    Tides From Nebula
    Time To Change
    Tiny Boys
    Tom Wax
    Tommi Stumpff
    Tonal Y Nagual
    Too Dead To Die
    Too Late For Tears
    Total Pain Kollapz
    Totem Obscura
    Touching The Void
    Toxic Coma
    Trade Secrets
    Tragedy Of Mine
    Tragic Black
    Tragic Impulse
    Train To Spain
    Trains On Fire
    Tranquil Eyes
    Transcendent 7
    Transit Poetry
    Transparent Illusion
    Trash Deity
    Trauma Patient
    Trek With Quintronic
    Trisomie 21
    Tristesse De La Lune
    Trobar de Morte
    True North
    True Zebra
    Tunes Of Dawn
    Turnbull A.C’s
    Twice A Man
    Twilight Ritual
    Twin Tribes
    TWINS / That Which Is Not Said
    Twins In Fear
    Twins Natalia
    Twitch The Ripper
    Two Moons
    Two Witches
    Tycho Brahe
    Tying Tiffany
    Tyske Ludder
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