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Deconbrio - Hail To The Liar’s Throne (CD)

Deconbrio - Hail To The Liar’s Throne (CD)


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Released on: 01/13/2017

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The American industrial sensation DECONBRIO return with the stunning “Hail to the Liar’s Throne” – their latest and first full-length album since 2012’s acclaimed “Voyeur” (Bitriot Records) Followers of DWA might have noticed that the label’s output has veered towards the guitar-driven end of the industrial music spectrum over the past year or so, and frontman Danny Rendo’s Tennessee-based outfit both fits the bill and brings something enticingly different to the table.

“Hail to the Liar’s Throne” is a quintessentially American-sounding album-of-the-moment which angrily screams “F**k Everything” across its 13-track entirety…. Whilst almost guaranteed to appeal to fans of the existing electro/rock fusion acts signed to DWA such as RAVE THE REQVIEM or TERROLOKAUST, DECONBRIO both augment this current roster of distinctly European-sounding acts and provide a welcome contrast with their definitively American take on the industrial rock genre.

Limited edition of 300 copies worldwide in Digipak with 8-panel folding insert!


No. Track Time
1 The End 01:44
2 The Heart 03:38
3 The Innocence 03:50
4 The Monster 03:56
5 The Mother Inferior 03:25
6 The Reflection 03:50
7 The Silence 04:15
8 The Feeling Remains 05:13
9 The Secret 05:02
10 The Change 03:53
11 The Division 03:55
12 The Liar's Throne 04:13
13 The Start 03:33

Song from video is NOT on the album.

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