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DEN.C.T.BUG - Glaubensfrage (EP CD)

DEN.C.T.BUG - Glaubensfrage (EP CD)


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Released on: 11/26/2010

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What's in-between EBM and NDH? A question of faith ("Glaubensfrage")! And how does it sound? Just imagine that Till Lindemann encounter Covenant! DEN.C.T.BUG shows with the current EP "Glaubensfrage" how modern Electro sounds.

As the name already suggests, the lyrics are about churchly and religious themes. They critically challenge alleged altruism, traditional rite plus misbelieve ideologies. Kim Hoffmann never sounds more empathetically and powerful as on this EP "Glaubensfrage".

Detailed Arrangements from classical instrumentation to massive synthetic parts and soundscapes with haunting hooklines will captivate everybody automatically. Once again, Markus Pawlikowski attest his imagination regarding compositions and dynamic melodies.

Not enough! Remixes from well-known Bands, e.g. Funker Vogt, Reaper, CHROM and Re:Legion make this EP perfect. A total of 12 songs will be provided for the audience.

The duct between EBM and NDH is now defined!


No. Track Time
1 Intro --
2 Glaubensfrage (Genesis Version) --
3 Gotteskrieger (EP-Version) --
4 Nächstenliebe (Canisius-Ausgabe) --
5 Kreuzzug (Godefroy-de-Bouillon-Ausgabe) --
6 Gotteskrieger (Funker Vogt Remix) --
7 Gotteskrieger (Reaper HCMix) --
8 Gotteskrieger (Radium226) --
9 Gotteskrieger (Chrom manic preacher remix) --
10 Gotteskrieger (Strafbomber-Version) --
11 Glaubensfrage (Gottmix by Re:Legion) --
12 Glaubensfrage (Original-Version) --

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