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Gin Devo - The Garden of Evil (CD)

Gin Devo - The Garden of Evil (CD)


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Released on: 23. September 2022

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“The Garden of Evil” is Gin Devo’s (Vomito Negro Mastermind) 2022 album release, available on CD and limited Vinyl. The album contains 8 rhythmic electronic industrial sequences, drones and synth lines, supported by Gin Devo’s dark vocals and haunted female vocal samples.

“The Garden of Evil” is a new album, but was written and composed in line with early 1990 style electro releases. All album tracks where recorded by Gin Devo with vintage digital hardware, synths and drum machines, such as PPG Wave, Roland JD800, Wave-station, Mattel Synsonics Drums , Yamaha RY30, etc..

“The Garden of Evil”, Gin Devo’s new dark electro club sound.


No. Track Time
1 Dark Frequencies (Album version) 05:53
2 Trade 06:15
3 Binary Plague 05:32
4 Momentum 06:21
5 Bitter Tears 05:15
6 Amend (Album version) 07:00
7 Only for Moments 05:59
8 Son of Sam 05:47

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