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Enter and Fall - Breaking Out (EP CD)

Enter and Fall - Breaking Out (EP CD)


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Released on: 29. May 2015

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4 brand new songs, 7 remixes and a exclusiver bonus song.

“It’s time to break out – it’s time to offer resistence” ...After more than one year in “Isolation”, Enter and Fall are breaking out of their dark dungeon and keep coming back with a drumbeat: their new E.P. “Beaking out”.

With the new E.P., they show again their excellence for powerful Lyrics and deep melodies.With four brand new songs written by mastermind David Goldammer, Enter And Fall will complete their way out of the “Isolation” back into freedom. With the theme song “Breaking out”, they set a sign where the journey does go to. “Break out, raze the walls and run” is the explicit statement of this song.

With the following titles “The things you never did”, “Blind” and “All the lost friends” it becomes clear, that the “Breaking out E.P.” is made for the dance floor to dance off all the worries! In combination with the interpretation and revision of songs like “Hope (it’s not the end)”, “Isolation” and the club-hits “Aufsicht Ost” and “Lose contol” from great artists like reADJUST, The Eternal Afflict, FGFC820 and Rob Dust, they impressively managed to bridge the fight in their “Isolation” back to life.


No. Track Time
1 Breaking out (Extended) --
2 The things you never did --
3 Blind --
4 All the lost friends --
5 New Life [Club Mix] --
6 Lose Control [Rob Dust Remix] --
7 Hope (It’s not the End) [reADJUST Remix] --
8 Isolation [The Eternal Afflict Remix] --
9 Aufsicht Ost [FGFC820 Remix] --
10 New Life [Sixty64Four Remix] --
11 Shattered (Club Mix) --
12 Bonus: The Wild Boys 2015 [a Duran Duran Cover] --

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