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On The Floor - Lifetime (CD)

On The Floor - Lifetime (CD)


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Released on: 10/26/2018

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On The Floor rides the wave with a new album this October after their surprising resurrection in 2017. „Lifetime“ contains 12 Songs of great depth and presents the band at a ripe point of the career.

Noisy electronics start the theme song and underline again how easily On The Floor hits the spirit of time. But their real strength are powerful rock anthems. „Catch My Fall“, „Move On“ and „We Light The Sky“ are coming for you and send you on a trip full of huge and catchy melodies. Songwriter André:

„After ‘Made Of Scars’ everything came quite naturally. To draw a line under the old topics gave us the needed space to create something new. The whole album was written in almost half a year. Having written the first songs it already felt like this could lead us to an entirely new level.”

Words verified during the first listening of the album. Elegant lyrics floating on wide arching melodies carried into your soul by Mr. Jungmann’s intense vocals. Demanding guitars mesh with perfect and diversified bass runs and playful electronic. Brilliant rock songs melt with pop („The Damage And The Distance“) and melody („River Born“) crowned and closed by the timeless „Shed My Skin”. André completes:

„The lyrics are even more personal. It’s about connection and relationship, aspiration, release, seduction and dependency. The opener ‘Lifetime’ comes to the point. It’s about the lust to feel as intense as possible - by any means and any risk. Sometimes it’s all in.”


No. Track Time
1 Lifetime --
2 Calling --
3 Catch My Fall --
4 All That Was --
5 Move On --
6 Some Say --
7 We Light The Sky --
8 Riverborn --
9 This Time --
10 Heavy Black --
11 The Damage & The Distance --
12 Shed My Skin --

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