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FUNDGRUBE: Ad Inferna - There Is No Cure (CD) [Einzelstück]

FUNDGRUBE: Ad Inferna - There Is No Cure (CD) [Einzelstück]

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Veröffentlicht: 06.05.2011

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With plenty of positive response following their release of DSM on Nilaihah Records, Ad Inferna has moved quickly to their next album, "There Is No Cure". This 2011 release departs from DSM and leads us into an album with a much darker and more club oriented feel. "There is No Cure" takes it’s listeners through a different journey incorporates their roots but also embraces the future. All of this goes to show that Ad Inferna are constantly changing and showing you a new level of their musicianship with every release. This album also features Kari Berg (formerly of Ashbury Heights) and Zombie Girl. The album was mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper) with the remixes mastered by Sebastian Komor (Komor Kommando , Icon of Coil).

Ad Inferna have reached the next level, bringing their typical sound to perfection - and mixer Vasi Vallis has done a very good job! - Kolja Trelle aka SOMAN

It's an extremely interesting album, one of the most entertaining I've heard for a long time. It's rare for songs to work as well in headphones as well as on the dancefloor in a club but these absolutely does. This album must be successful. - Magnus Kalnins aka COLONY 5


Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Presence --
2 Angelik --
3 Seventh Heaven --
4 Under My Skin --
5 French Kiss of Death (feat. Kari Berg) --
6 Stigma (feat. Zombie Girl) --
7 Sex Spell --
8 Resurrection --
9 The One --
10 plus remixes by: Reaper, Alien Vampire, Acylum, Chaos All Stars , Inline Sex Terror, End the DJ, Terrolokaust, Erotic Elk, and Electrovolt --

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