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Future Perfect - After The Fall (CD)

Future Perfect - After The Fall (CD)


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Released on: 12/18/2015

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"After The Fall" by Future Perfect is the 3rd album from the North Wales based Husband and Wife team of Simon and Rebecca Owen. This album deals with the subject of consequences. The actions from the decisions of self and others.

This album follows the self released CD "Dirty Little Secrets" (2010) and conzoom released "Escape" (2012).

As well as using long time producer, Russ Hayes, Simon and Rebecca have collaborated with Northern Irish musican Noel Canney and have produced their most dynamic album yet. Their track "Fall" has received critical acclaim and radio airplay worldwide and is an indication of the direction of the new release.


No. Track Time
1 Fall --
2 Dangerous Desires --
3 Walking on Knives --
4 Neo Rom Com --
5 Protect and Survive --
6 ADSR --
7 Spaces --
8 Excess --
9 Bonus: Neo Rom Com (Destination Remix) --
10 Bonus: Priest of Excess (FP vs Immune System Remix) --
11 Bonus: (After The) Fall (Destination Remix) --
12 Bonus: Fall (Instrumental) (Hidden Track) --

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