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Glass Apple Bonzai - Glass Apple Bonzai (CD)

Glass Apple Bonzai - Glass Apple Bonzai (CD)


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Released on: 04/24/2015

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RAZ 013 - Weight: 95g

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Daniel X. Belasco from Canada, formerly known as a member of a great and fun band DEFENCE MECHANISM, presents debut self-titled album of new retro-synth-pop project GLASS APPLE BONZAI. This album caught the attention of the audience in the last year, and even entered the lists of “2014 best albums” according to various websites.. But this album was released only in digital platforms, and until now has not been officially available on physical formats (band released before only very limited quanity of CD-R, which were all sold at their live-shows).

This unfortunate omission is a hurry to fix by russian label Razgrom Music, and now CD-version of «Glass Apple Bonzai» is made - with bonus-section of exclusive tracks and remixes! Music of GLASS APPLE BONZAI - it is a real and 100% pure electro-pop made by the classical canons of 80th’s, full of strong influence to the early works of DEPECHE MODE, OMD, THE HUMAN LEAGUE, ALPHAVILLE, VISAGE, CAMOUFLAGE, etc. Of course, there is not blind imitation, GAP is a elegant stylisation and unique tribute to "the glorious golden eighties", made with lots of love and strict adherence to the best traditions of the genre. In 2015 GLASS APPLE BONZAI will take a part in the main North American industrial-festival Kinetik, almost ready for release and the second album - an impressive start to the project!

Only 500 physical copies, each handnumbered.


No. Track Time
1 A Million Foolish Hands 03:11
2 The Fist 03:13
3 Too Late To Let Go 03:32
4 Fade To Sorrow 03:03
5 Right Some Day 03:46
6 The Freeze 03:35
7 Impossible To Ignore 04:13
8 Satellite Of Fallen Grace 02:53
9 The Girl With The Telephoto Eye 03:39
10 Bonus: The Freeze (12" Extended Mix) 05:07
11 Bonus: I Can’t Stop Running 04:13
12 Bonus: My Alliance (To Science!) (Radio Edit) 03:24
13 Bonus: My Alliance (To Science!) (12" Extended Mix) 04:11

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