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Gothminister - Utopia / Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

Gothminister - Utopia / Limited Edition (CD+DVD)


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Released on: 05/17/2013

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The fifth studio album and for REAL the most spectacular so far by this exceptional band from Norway!

‘Utopia’ has been mixed by Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, NILE, Deicide) + mastered by Alan Douches (The Misfits, Dillinger Escape Plan…)! UTOPIA is GOTHMINISTER`s new concept album, consisting of both studio recorded and live-film recorded songs, and even a live-film intro and outro (on the limited edition). – The concept of UTOPIA is inspired by Bjørn Alexander Brem`s life and nightmares – the combination of being a lawyer in daytime and GOTHMINISTER at night drives him eventually insane – it becomes impossible for him to separate reality from imagination.

The other GOTHMINISTER members Chris Dead (drummer), Icarus (guitars) and Turbo Natas (guitars) also take part in this nightmarish world filled with undead walkers, witches, werewolves and monsters. If you are a fan of the TV-series THE WALKING DEAD, you will find yourself completely at home in this undead, hellish environment!

Limited edition in o-card, including the regular album and an exclusive 75mins+ bonus-DVD! The DVD is in NTSC, Regioncode 0 (the world), 2.0 sound and features a horror concert film + bonus-material!

Tracklisting CD:

No. Track Time
1 The New Beginning --
2 Someone Is After Me --
3 Utopia --
4 March --
5 Horrorshow --
6 Nightmare --
7 Afterlife --
8 Helldemon --
9 All Alone --
10 Purgatory --
11 Eternal --
12 Raise The Dead --
13 Boogeyman --

Tracklisting DVD:

No. Track
1 Rapture (Intro-Movie)
2 Purgatory (live)
3 Eternal (live)
4 Someone Is After Me (live)
5 Stonehenge (live)
6 Beauty After Midnight (live)
7 Dusk Till Dawn (live)
8 The Possession (live)
9 Devil (live)
10 Afterlife (live)
11 Helldemon (live)
12 Liar (live)
13 Monsters (live)
14 Darkside (live)
15 March (live)
16 Horrorshow (live)
17 Happiness In Darkness (live)
18 Utopia (live)
19 The Resurrection (Outro-Movie)
20 NRK Lydverket 31.10.2012 Halloween Special + Utopia - Behind the Scenes

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