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Grandchaos - Tempest (CD)


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Released on: 02/03/2017

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From the immense Russia, an hero of the electronic front returns to propose an album definible as a triumph of catchy technologism. Grandchaos, aka Tcheleskov Ivanovitch, will drag you into his sonic universe to share with you the greatness of this new album entitled "Tempest", a release strongly focused on Electro / oldschool - newschool EBM modulations. Perturbed, energetic musicality, characterized by geometric drum-beats, symmetrical sequenced fluctuations, short sections of processed vocals and by rational flows of synth. Futurism and rearguard they meet in thirteen tracks prospectively advanced that will go crazy the people of alternative clubs. The formulations of the new full-length "Tempest" are reinterpretations of the classic Electronic Body Music schemes: the solo-project Grandchaos analyzes their structures, dissecting them and reassembling them through continuous experimentations, until to achieve a perfect balance between dynamic dance-sounds and pleasure of listening, touching at the same time avant-gardism and retrospective. Place you proudly this fundamental element in your collection and let it will inject all its power in your eardrums. Today another page of the artificial music was written.


No. Track Time
1 The tempest (Remixed by FATAL AIM ) 04:17
2 Tell me you love me (Remixed by DI*ove) 05:55
3 Man on fire (Remixed by ESR) 05:36
4 The tempest (Remixed by SA42) 05:06
5 The death of you and me (Remixed by kFactor) 05:47
6 The tempest (Remixed by BAK XIII) 03:51
7 We suffer (Remixed by MECHALOAD) 05:10
8 Tell me you love me (Remixed by 8kHz Mono) 03:27
9 The tempest (Remixed by KRAWALLCHUCK) 06:23
10 The death of you and me (Remixed by RESISTOR) 03:51
11 Memories is a poison (Storm cloud version) 03:44
12 The tempest (Remixed by AKALOTZ) 04:02
13 Ressurection (Remixed by BIG TOXIC) 06:08

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