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Grausame Töchter - Werkschau (CD)

Grausame Töchter - Werkschau (CD)


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Released on: 26. August 2022

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Well over a hundred scandalous live performances, philosophical questions, a hedonistic lack of restraint, the search for artistic expression to the absolute limits of possibility: GRAUSAME TÖCHTER is a band without equal. Having become a cult hit across borders, Aranea Peel and her friends stand for freedom, openness, tolerance and - more than anything - for accepting yourself in disregard of all taboos.

Above all, GRAUSAME TÖCHTER have created unique methods of self-expression through their music and lyrics. Bands whose songs are this innovative and full of creativity are few and far between.

After six opulent Albums – with the seventh already in production – it’s time to look back on what the cult band GRAUSAME TÖCHTER have already achieved in such little time. 17 select songs – some of which have been newly mixed or even entirely remastered – form a work show of their creative output. Roughly categorized as dark electro punk, it’s a highly concentrated feast for the senses. The fact that their passionate world never gets boring and will leave no one cold speaks for the artistic quality of GRAUSAME TÖCHTER: You either let yourself get provoked and shocked … or you love them with a burning passion.


No. Track Time
1 Lust und Tod 04:35
2 Liebe will Beweise 04:23
3 Annika ist tot 03:20
4 Annika nimmt Drogen 04:09
5 Mein Messer (WERSCHAU-VERSION) 05:08
6 Angst entstellt den Menschen (WERKSCHAU-MIX) 04:14
7 Mensch und Tier (2022-MIX) 04:06
8 Fickmaschine (GETOFFONMYOWN-MIX) 04:17
9 Glaube Liebe Hoffnung (WERKSCHAU-MIX) 04:00
10 Blutwalzer (DARK-VARITÉ-VERSION) 04:05
11 Ich liebe meine Vagina 03:45
12 Tränen in einer toten Welt 04:50
13 …und ich fühle nichts! (WERKSCHAU-MIX) 04:06
14 Tanz für dich (2022-REMIX) 03:50
15 Wie eine Spinne 04:50
16 Wie eine Krake (MATROSENMIX) 04:00
17 Ich darf das! 04:26

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