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Haujobb - New World March / Limited Premium Edition (2CD)

Haujobb - New World March / Limited Premium Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 11/25/2011

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Eight years after their last release, legendary electronic project Haujobb's new album 'New World March' will see the light of day. Of course expectations are incredibly high - not only because of the previously released single 'Dead Market' which made it into the top 3 of the German Alternative Charts and the electronic web charts as well for eight weeks (!)

…and indeed: 'New World March' follows the path set by Daniel Meier and Dejan Samardzic with 'Dead Market' - it clicks, it cuts, it rumbles, it literally electrifies everywhere. 'Manipulate the pulse - dominate the beat' is the dictum for the entire album. Everything is as it was - only way more improved than ever!

Haujobb have been, are, and will always be a highly explosive electronic bomb. With 'New World March' they deliver the perfect ignition device, ready to be activated. Get ready for Haujobb's sound splinters penetrating your ears without compromise, and be sure this 'explosion' will last for a very long time!

As with the recent ‘Dead Market’ EP, also the new album comes in a very special LIMITED-EDITION! 2CD in 6-panel DVD-sized Digipak, including an EXCLUSIVE remix-album, featuring remixes by such acclaimed electronic artists as: AH CAMA-SOTZ, THIS MORN’ OMINA, DUPONT, XABEC, SOMATIC RESPONSES, DUPONT, BINARY PARK, DRYFT and others!

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Control --
2 Crossfire --
3 Let´s drop Bombs --
4 More than us --
5 Machine Drum --
6 Dead Market --
7 Lost --
8 Soul Reader --
9 Little World --
10 Membrane --
11 New World March --
12 Echo --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Control (Xabec Rmx) --
2 Crossfire (Dryft Rmx) --
3 Let´s Drop Bombs (Dupont Rmx) --
4 More Than Us (Continues Rmx) --
5 Machine Drum (Unknown Rmx) --
6 Dead Market (Ah Cama-Sotz Rmx) --
7 Lost (Somatic Response Rmx) --
8 Soul Reader (This Morn´ Omina Feat. Rosey Rmx) --
9 Little World (Binary Park Rmx) --
10 Membrane (Acretongue Rmx) --
11 New World March (Anklebiter Rmx) --
12 Echo (Incite/ Rmx) --

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