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Heavy Halo - Heavy Halo (CD)

Heavy Halo - Heavy Halo (CD)


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This product will be released on 12. August 2022.
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Heavy Halo is a Goth-Grunge blood-pact forged in the NYC underground.

The band takes the spirit and existential angst of Alternative and Industrial and passes it through the shattered prism of the internet age, refracted and made new. ?Jagged guitars and raw electronics explode over gut-rattling 808's. Featuring remixes by 3 Teeth, Atari Teenage Riot, Pictureplane, Kontravoid, Moris Blak and many more!


No. Track Time
1 Black Seed --
2 Control You --
3 Crush --
4 Keep Me Alive --
5 Destroy --
6 Betrayed --
7 The Denial --
8 The Past is Poison --
9 Desperate Highway --
10 Shadow Too Dark --
11 Black Seed (Xavier Swafford of 3TEETH Remix) --
12 Destroy (BLKSLK x Snowblood Remix) --
13 Keep Me Alive (Moris Blak Remix) --
14 Crush (Jason Alacrity Remix) --
15 Control You (Atari Teenage Riot / Alec Empire Remix) --
16 Black Seed (Guilt Chip Remix) --
17 Control You (Pictureplane Remix) --
18 Crush (Kontravoid Remix) --

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