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XTR Human - G.O.L.D (12" Vinyl)


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Released on: 17. June 2022

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BR//03 - Weight: 405g

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XTR HUMAN stands for Gothic electronic club force with danceability and HD club accessibility. The melding driving EBM and coldwave atmospheres are influenced by the pop hooks of Austrian New Wave legend Falco. Berlin based producer Johannes Stabel started the project in 2012 out of the South German Coldwave scene.

The latest full-length from Johannes Stabel, G.O.L.D finds the German producer evolving as much as the rest of the world has had to. Taking his political and socially conscious lyrics into his native tongue brings a deeper and more powerful thrust to their weight—particularly at a time when Germany is weighing its own social consciousness after years of being seen as a leading world figure.

Across G.O.L.D’s ten tracks, Stable brings our zeitgeist into a new realm, where the anger and frustration at our current existence is refined into the energy that fuels our engines, that primal desire always amplified during times of social upheaval—the desire to move your body.

Many of the songs delve into Stabel’s own experiences as a German, from explorations of the Deutsch mentality of persistent fear to tackling the fake news, jingoism, racists and coronavirus deniers on hypnotic bangers ‘Dark Germany’ and ‘Dieser Klang’; issues just as prevalent in Germany as in the USA and UK.


No. Track Time
A1 Leben ohne Licht (ft. Luca Gillian) 03:25
A2 Wie ein Gott 03:33
A3 Fleisch 04:45
A4 Exzess 03:36
A5 Angst 04:27
B1 Maschine 05:09
B2 Dark Germany 03:23
B3 Starker Junge 04:29
B4 Dieser Klang 04:26
B5 Keine Heimat 05:12

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