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Human Vault - Self - Rust (CD)

Human Vault - Self - Rust (CD)


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Released on: 10/23/2020

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Human vault is no newcomer on the industrial scene. His gloomy searching began somewhere in 1997. Behind the project lies Gyorgy Turoczy as Mortum, whose Hungarian roots are currently operating in the USA.

Musically, this minimalist pioneer of dark corners of NYC streets scattered into a position where will freshen your mind with its hypnotic and hoarse sound, full of bustle and scary surfaces. Melancholic and freezing structures moves in the crystalline pulsating dust of broken beats and overwhelmed vocals. This album will sound like the sound of an old school, bands like: Klinik, Mortal Constraint, Dive, Skinny puppy, Neon cage experiment. He will attack your mind and devour it with its darkness. Great debut under our wings. Deep, frosty and industrially armed. That's how the debut of the Hungarian-American project Human Vault sounds. You just have to have this catastrophic opus of noise and industrial dust! Cd version including exclusive bonus tracks...


No. Track Time
1 You Deny --
2 Defragmented --
3 The Human Error --
4 Fear Will Come --
5 Forged To Kill --
6 Your Comfort Zone (The Protocol) --
7 Pure Steel --
8 Self Rust --
9 This Hate --
10 Blind Focus --
11 Damn You All --
12 Time Leaks --
13 Let The Dead Howl --
14 Hus Es Csont (Flesh And Bone) --
15 Senkit Nem Varnak (Peter Buza Edit) --

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