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Iamtheshadow - Everything In This Nothingness (CD)

Iamtheshadow - Everything In This Nothingness (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 17.01.2020

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IAMTHESHADOW is a project created in 2015 by Pedro Code (vocals, keyboards and guitar) and joined in late 2016, Vitor Moreira (synthesizers) and Herr G (bass and guitar). Strongly inspired by deep and penetrating sounds of the 80s, the band moves in the areas of electronics and dark wave.

The artistic influences of “ Iamtheshadow ” are varied and navigate the blackest and sharpest sounds of the 80s. Through Iamtheshadow, Pedro Code embodies the dream of building a sail of sounds that travels throughout the souls, defining his project as " a dark wave conveyed in a dense and deep voice wrapped in softness. An explosion of synthesized lights in the night."


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Everything in this Nothingness --
2 Falling --
3 The Winter`s Long --
4 Memories --
5 Ashes --
6 Hurts and Takes --
7 Echoes --
8 Pleasure in the Pain --
9 There is Nothing More to See --
10 Winning (The Sound version) --
11 Distante Melodia --

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