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Intelligence Dept. - Sleeping City (CD)

Intelligence Dept. - Sleeping City (CD)


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Released on: 07/01/2011

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ANNA 029CD - Weight: 75g

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INTELLIGENCE DEPT. were Davide Carlotti (synthesisers, sax, backing vocals), Susanna Zaghi (vocals, lyrics), Stefano Panzera (bass) and Gian Paolo Di Federico (synthesisers, drum machine programming) from Ferrara, Italy.

They only ever officially released three, yet totally amazing tracks on the “A White Chance” LP compilation in 1984. These tracks were “Sleeping City”, “Too Late to Love” and “Anger (Inside)” from their first 5-track demo cassette entitled “Sleeping City” (1984), which also included the track “Loneliness” already known from the “Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987” LP/CD compilation.

In 1985 they recorded a second 4-track demo entitled “The Big Trouble” but not many people seem to have known about its existence. INTELLIGENCE DEPT.’s music is a unique blend of melancholic 80’s electropop with dark/new wave basses and (not annoying) saxophone action while being fronted by a powerful female vocalist, the lovely Susanna.

The digipak-CD version comes with a different artwork and an additional five bonus tracks including the cover version of “Sister Europe” (originally by The Psychedelic Furs), as well as four tracks recorded live at the Arena Nuovo in Ferrara in 1985.

six panel full colour digipak; 9 previously unreleased tracks


No. Track Time
1 Sleeping City 06:22
2 Too Late to Love 05:59
3 Loneliness 06:06
4 Anger Inside 05:04
5 Sister Europe 06:56
6 Gravity 05:39
7 Intelligence Dept. 06:03
8 Chains 06:16
9 Where are You 04:56
10 Nice Faces - live 05:22
11 Black Widow - live 05:40
12 Too Late to Love - live 05:42
13 Sleeping City - live 06:01

ANNA 029 / MNQ 011 - Intelligence Dept. - Sleeping City - LP/CD by Anna Logue Records

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