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Interdictor - The Vault Of Inception (CD)

Interdictor - The Vault Of Inception (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 15.02.2019

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Genre: EBM / Electro-Industrial; comes in Jewel Case, 4 pages booklet; limited edition of only 300 handnumbered copies!

Despite the fact that up until today the discography of INTERDICTOR was limited to only two digital EPs and one digital single, the name of this project has been well known to all true fans of authentic electro-industrial music for many years. The project of Henrik Sundberg & Christian Granström from Sweden made it´s debut in 2013 with the monumental EP “Noumenon”, whose music resembled the best examples of the classic electro-industrial / EBM of the so-called “canadian school” and the works of such bands like SKINNY PUPPY, INTERLACE, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, FRONT 242. The high-tech, futuristic and multi-layered sound of the project has always been distinguished by painstaking work on details and epic arrangements, being a gloomy soundtrack for the post-apocalyptic future (and no less gloomy present). INTERDICTOR's debut CD “Vault Of Inception” includes tracks from previously released digital EP’s “Noumenon”, “Spectrograph” and the single “Federalist 0A” (all tracks have been exclusively remastered) and completely new songs have been added – this is strongly recommended to all fans of the atmospheric and cybernetic electro-industrial!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 White Noise --
2 Federalist 0A --
3 Novus Ordo Seclorum --
4 Endosymbiont --
5 Administration --
6 Umbras Cinereo --
7 Byzantium --
8 Pantheon --
9 Pitch Black --
10 Josef K --
11 Federalist 0A 2D (feat. Claus Larsen) --
12 Byzantium(Move Your Boots Remix) --
13 Federalist 0A 2E --

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