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Italove - The Stockholm Is Calling EP (CD)

Italove - The Stockholm Is Calling EP (CD)


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Released on: 12/15/2017

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The Swedish living nu italo legend – Italove is back to Analog Language with their brand new single “Stockholm Is Calling”. Mateo, Blix and LaRoxx did it again and delivered 100% hit track, beautifully arranged, produced and performed. After success of their debut album the band is working even harder not to let their fans down. The new single contains numerous remixes, edits and dubstrumentals from such names as Mirko Hirsch, RetroTeque and Analog Language alumni – Also Playable Mono. Big part of them is available on Analog Language maxi CD only. A must have for every Italove fan.


No. Track Time
1 Stockholm Is Calling (Radio Edit) 03:10
2 Stockholm Is Calling (Also Playable Mono Radio Edit) 04:06
3 Stockholm Is Calling (Mirko Hirsch Radio Edit) 03:33
4 Stockholm Is Calling (Extended Mix) 04:40
5 Stockholm Is Calling (Mirko Hirsch Remix) 04:59
6 Stockholm Is Calling (Also Playable Mono Remix) 06:00
7 Stockholm Is Calling (Retroteque Face Time Remix) 04:49
8 Stockholm Is Calling (Instrumental) 04:40
9 Stockholm Is Calling (Mirko Hirsch Instrumental Mix) 04:59
10 Stockholm Is Calling (Also Playable Mono Dubstrumental) 05:35
11 Computer World 04:02
12 I Need Your Love (Mirko Hirsch Version) 04:11

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