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James Leon - Never Been Cool (CD-R)

James Leon - Never Been Cool (CD-R)

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Released on: 02. December 2011

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"Never been cool" is the long awaited debut album from London based electro/pop artist James Leon.

Following his well-received single releases "Purple Heart" and "Caught up in your vanity"; comes a collection of 11 tracks that explore themes ranging from our pre-occupation with physical desires, through the world of celebrity culture, and the universal concerns of love and heartbreak.

Online music fans and music bloggers have taken James to heart, appreciating an artist who is not manufactured and who writes pop that comes from real life experience.

Taking the independent route, James has put the album together himself – working with producer Julian Simmons with whom he collaborated on all tracks.

With a nod to the original synth-pop acts such as Erasure, The Human League, The Pet Shop Boys, but with a fresh and unique sound, James sits comfortably alongside current acts such as Hurts, Empire of the Sun and La Roux.


No. Track Time
1 Bad Guy 04:00
2 Glitterdust 03:59
3 Caught Up In Your Vanity 04:24
4 Purple Heart 04:03
5 Camera Shy 04:59
6 Bodies 04:14
7 The One Before Me 04:17
8 Better Than The Night 05:41
9 Never Been Cool 03:53
10 Club With No Name 03:59
11 Monday 05:21

Press comments:

“I love how the theme of freedom, relationships and nights out continues throughout the whole album..... It’s what makes this album a winner, a love letter to pop set through the minefield that is modern society”, Music website ‘Fizzypop’

Killer Hooks mixed 80’s electronica twinges and deep beats make for a perfectly formed pop record (Who said boys weren’t making good pop these days?). Music website ‘Pop-what’.

"I would more than happily stand this album up beside anything Andy and Vince (Erasure) or Neil & Chris (The Pet Shop Boys) or even Marc Almond and call it a welcome addition to that club. It has solid sensibilities in 2011 and pays homage to those great artists from the past”. Music website – ‘Pop, Rinse, Repeat’.

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