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Jean-Marc Lederman Experience - Letters To Gods (And Fallen Angels) / Limited Book Edition (2CD)

Jean-Marc Lederman Experience - Letters To Gods (And Fallen Angels) / Limited Book Edition (2CD)


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Comes as a super deluxe 2CD 36 pages hardcover artbook with 24 tracks and 21 different singers/performers + 3 novels. Limited to 300 copies

“You can write a letter to a god, or a fallen angel, what do you say?” That's the starting point of the new Jean-Marc Lederman opus, who’s latest studio album was released last year on DEPENDENT.

One year after 13 Ghoststories guestsingers/artist & writers Agi Taralas, JP Aston & Julianne Regan, Christina Z, Stefan Netschio, Elena Alice Fossi, Mark Hockings, Jenna Fearon, Rodney Orpheus and Louise Fraser are now joined by: Emma Barson from Promenade Cinema, Ghost&Writer (with cello by Jo Quail), Mari Kattman from Helix, Coline Wauters from Atome, Das Vintage, Lucia Fairfull from Lucia & The Best Boys, Tom Shear from Assemblage 23 and Helix, Emileigh Rohn from Chiasm, Miriam Christina from Theothersideofwho? and 580 Miles, Haydn Park-Patterson from The Ninth Wave, Lis van den Akker, Ceratomia, Claus Larsen from Leaether Strip & Philippe Genion from à;GRUMH... who all bring you their take on this theme.

All music by Jean-Marc Lederman, in his typical mixture of loungy darkwave & electropop.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Intro Log by 8 Of Nine 00:52
2 Letter from Agi Taralas 04:33
3 Letter from Emma Barson 04:23
4 Letter from Ghost & Writer ft. Jo Quail 03:03
5 Letter from Mari Kattman 03:33
6 Letter from JP Aston ft. Julianne Regan 05:17
7 Letter from Coline Wauters 02:56
8 Letter from Christina Z 04:30
9 Letter from Das Vintage 01:53
10 Letter from Lucia Fairfull 03:37
11 Letter from Stefan Netschio 04:25
12 Letter from Hunter S. Thompson 01:05

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Letter from Elena Alice Fossi 04:17
2 Letter from Tom Shear 03:45
3 Letter from Mark Hockings 04:31
4 Into My Arms ft. Jenna Fearon 03:10
5 Letter from Emileigh Rohn 04:37
6 Letter from Miriam Christina 03:32
7 Letter from Haydn Park-Patterson 03:55
8 Letter from Rodney Orpheus 03:16
9 Letter from Louise Fraser 04:07
10 Letter from Lis Van Den Akker 03:56
11 Letter from Claus Larsen 03:17
12 Outro from Friedrich Nietzsche 01:17

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