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Jean-Marc Lederman - The Raven / Limited Edition (CD + signed Tarot Card)

Jean-Marc Lederman - The Raven / Limited Edition (CD + signed Tarot Card)


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Released on: 03. December 2021

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Limited edition of 200pcs.

This time of the year has always been special for us misfits. Last year Stabbing Westward started a beautiful tradition with their Hallowed Hymns EP. Jean-Marc Lederman approached us with this project about a year ago and we decided to make our Halloween special a permanent fixture for the label Cop International.

He had an amazing idea: What if we take some old goth classic poems (Byron, Poe, Plato, Shelley, etc...) and reinterpret them in a modern way with some of the best singers in our scene. We loved the idea and he worked in the shadows for most of 2021 to make it happen.

So today we give you the "The Raven" - You are taken from a somber forest to a deserted countryside or straight into the lab of Frankenstein just before you come out of Hell, meet with Odin's mysterious messenger, or travel at night with two scared and tired kids on a small boat, on a river. Take this exceptional journey with us and enjoy the best season of the year.


No. Track Time
1 Mari Kattman / Helix - The Cold Heart Slept Below 04:06
2 Christopher Hall / Stabbing Westward - The Vampyre 03:43
3 Mark Hockings / Mesh / Blackcarburning - She Walks In Beauty 03:41
4 Elena Alice Fossi / Kirlian Camera - Inferno 03:05
5 Azam Ali - Invocation 04:19
6 Dr. Strangefryer - Frankenstein 03:44
7 Jim Semonik / Red Lokust - Nevermore 03:08
8 Lis van den Akker / Die Krupps / Sample-R - Odin's Crook 03:26
9 Ken Magerman / Amaranth - A Crushing Weight 03:04
10 Jean-Luc De Meyer / Front 242/ Lederman-De Meyer - The Worms Of Death 03:30
11 Stefan Netschio / Beborn Beton - Smouldering Corpse In The Mourning Sun 04:09
12 Emileigh Rohn / Chiasm / Rohn-Lederman - Pretty Fly 02:16
13 Christina Z / Magnesium Burn - The Raven 11:11

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