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Jens Bader - Brainwash (CD)

Jens Bader - Brainwash (CD)


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Released on: 08/18/2017

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As he releases his 14th album over the course of 10 years, Jens Bader might just be one of the most prolific artists on the independent electronic music horizon. The new addition to Jens's catalogue, Brainwash, which developed over a year in the making, is one of his most substantial albums yet.

Like his 2008 release Zenith, Brainwash encompasses several up-tempo tracks so as to be appropriately introduced as a dance album, although Jens's clean electronic work simultaneously finds home in genres ranging from classic synthpop to as-yet unclassifiable.

Immediately noticeable upon first listen will be the consistent sound quality permeating the album, from instrumentation to vocals. Among highlights of the album are the driving, energetic tracks "Filthy Stinking Rich", "Play and Fool Around", and "A Variety of Causes". The clean consistency remains as between the dance-ready tracks, the album turns to the tranquil "Your Scent" and "How Can a Love". Indeed, in such transitions Jens displays a capacity for varied songwriting not evident from the works of traditional dance and electronic artists. It is this which keeps listeners returning for more, wondering what he has up his sleeve next.

Kelsey Haugh, August 2017


No. Track Time
1 Life Gets Wasted --
2 Mutants (Dance-Mix) --
3 No Promises (Alternative Version) --
4 Tendency To Cruelty --
5 Filthy Stinking Rich --
6 Play And Fool Around (Original Version) --
7 Your Scent --
8 Saliva --
9 How Can A Love --
10 Brainwash --
11 A Variety Of Causes --

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