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Jens Bader - Venus Delta (CD)

Jens Bader - Venus Delta (CD)


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Released on: 03/11/2016

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JB2016 - Weight: 60g

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"This is my fourteenth official release, and my thirteenth official CD release. This time I've wanted to go back to my roots and not worry about too much production. Sometimes less is more." Jens Bader, March 2016

"Jens Bader has once again contributed a treasure to the electronic music sphere. A sparkling collection of soul-searching tracks, Venus Delta stays true to Jens’s musical signature, while exploring new territories on and off the dance floor. While brutally honest, but never somber, Jens has managed to weave anthems of heartbreak, revitalization, and love, even of music itself, into an album that will leave listeners’ repeat buttons worn." Kelsey Haugh, March 2016


No. Track Time
1 Trying To Write A Song --
2 Nothing Does Exist --
3 Everything Is Good For Something --
4 Lifelong Trial --
5 How Many Times --
6 Reality Checks --
7 No Promises --
8 More Of Us --
9 Mutants --
10 Hanging On To You --
11 Voluntary Tester --

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