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Kaltherzig - Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain (CD)

Kaltherzig - Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain (CD)


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Released on: 04/25/2014

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Kaltherzig presents Songs made of solitude and pain

In the last years, Alexander Krupp, head of KALTHERZIG, decided to take an inspirational break to re-array his musical path. While in the beginning they were declared as the”east-european Blutengel”, they now get rid of this reputation with “Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain” in a skillful way.

The aim for KALTHERZIG was to create Songs with a Synthpop / Dark Wave-sound, that are inspired by Modern Gothic Rock, but still differ from it at the same time. Guitars are turned down here, but the melancholic vocals are accompanied by a piano and real drums, which guide the listener through “Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain”. Next to Alexander Krupp’s distinctive voice, ex-singer Nika Noname (who left the band during recording of the album) and two guests (Sven Rebentisch, Margret Aleshkevich) get their space on the microphone, who perfect the whole.

“Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain” heralds a new era in the story of KALTHERZIG and shows, that it is still possible, to create a very own sound, nowadays.


No. Track Time
1 Scream Of Pain 03:54
2 Single 04:40
3 Memories And Dreams 04:22
4 Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain 04:04
5 Time To Say Goodbye 07:14
6 Messiah 04:59
7 Confession 05:09
8 Islander (feat. Rebentisch) 03:24
9 Runaway (feat. Margret) 04:10
10 Hoład 04:39
11 Rebirth 04:28
12 Nature's Wonders 04:22
13 More Than Saint 07:14

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