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Kill The Sleeper - Rebirth (CD-R)

Kill The Sleeper - Rebirth (CD-R)

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Veröffentlicht: 25.04.2014

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Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Emo

Previously known as Syndrome x/209, and one half of relatively well known act "Project Rotten", "Kill The Sleeper" is Kettil's second venture into a solo career.

Kill The Sleeper is perhaps the boldest new artist to hit this genre in quite some time - sure to make people talk, complain, argue and bitch, Kill The Sleeper combines the elements of Aggrotech and Harsh EBM with the lyrical themes of Emo, the imagery of Emo, and a loose aesthetic based around the grand old theme of Baseball. Yes, it's unusual as shit, but this album is possibly a breakaway from the trend. With "Rebirth", Kettil embraces the famous x/209 sound, but explores gorgeous instrumental soundscapes.

"Watching The Snow Fall Again", when dropped in December, already became the background track for various podcasts. Easily our most hyped up "new" band, "Kill The Sleeper" is evidence that it's possible to bring in entirely new aesthetics and approaches to the Industrial/Electro scene. We will let you see for yourself how this seemingly impossible triptych of influences play together - as we aim for the "Homerun".

If this isn't enough to tempt your wallets, and your ears, the album even borrows the talent of Dmitry Darling (Freakangel, Suicidal Romance), who appears on "Icing Is For Cakes". "Another Sleepless Night" showcases the diversity of the project, with Seike (Seremedy, Kerbera) lending vocals to the track.

The album closes with remixes from our recent acquisitions - Cease2xist, and Heartwire - the softer, glitchier side of Jay Ruin (Ruinizer, CeDigest). This remix marks Heartwire's label "debut".


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Watching The Snow Fall Again --
2 Brushes Painting Hollow --
3 Our Rusty Eyes --
4 Tortured (The Lie II) --
5 Another Sleepless Night (Feat. Madman Seike) --
6 The Words You Say Confuse Me So --
7 Ketamine Candy And The Chocolate Dandy --
8 Waves Over Egypt (Interlude) --
9 Icing Is For Cakes, Not For Bands (Feat. Dmitry Darling) --
10 High Fidelity --
11 You're Destroying Me (Drone) --
12 Homerun --
13 Watching The Snow Fall Again (Heartwire Remix) --
14 Our Rusty Eyes (Cease2xist Remix) --

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