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L'ame Immortelle - Unsterblich - 20 Years L'ame Immortelle (CD)

L\'ame Immortelle - Unsterblich - 20 Years L\'ame Immortelle (CD)


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Released on: 02/26/2016

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  • CD in jewelcase
  • 28-page booklet

    L'ÂME IMMORTELLE... the very mention of that name strikes a chord, unleashes an army of goosebumps on the back of anybody equating music with acoustic emotion L'ÂME IMMORTELLE... introductions are unnecessary, to be sure. They are a scene legend, a band always at the top of their game despite their reluctance to stagnate, a band enriching the Gothic movement like few others in the 20 years of their existence. For two decades now, they have been writing history, have been cladding our woe in moving compositions.

    Not many bands endure being in existence for so long. Still fewer projects pull the trick to remain relevant all these years. From their early beginnings as a figurehead of Dark Electro across the unrivalled success in the front row of Gothic Rock to their more current, artistic records brimful with theatralic grandezza, Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer established themselves as the grand maestros behind the keys of human emotions. Over and over again, they fathomed the battlefields of inner conflict and valour, of broken hearts and arising hope. Their love of music, their dedication to their art made them survive 20 years atop an inexorable industry. This is what invigorated them, united them and made them all the more determined to continue giving more than the others. No wonder that celebrating the 20th anniversary with a dull best-of compilation was unthinkable for the iconic duo.

    The sheer amount of passion L'ÂME IMMORTELLE inject into the extraordinary compilation „Unsterblich – 20 Jahre L'ÂME IMMORTELLE“ is nothing short of striking. Much adored classics from two decades of darkly romantic music history, compiled from every single chapter, every single official release and every single form of artistic grandeur blaze in the light of an entirely new sound. By teaming up with Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg (ROTERSAND) and Gregor Beyerle (SKYLA VERTEX, REAPER) a sound came to life marrying the Electro bones of their early days to the production standards of today, thereby creating something new and stunningly epic. In a unheard-of show of strength the band and their producers succeeded in conserving the early pieces' unparalleled aura and yet creating an all-new listening experience.

    This is a most extraordinary form of musical time travelling, a simultaneous look at the past and the future of the trailblazing entity that is L'ÂME IMMORTELLE. As a voluptuous extra, this opus is further refined and graced by countless rare and unreleased photos from Sonja Kraushofers and Thomas Rainers archives, adding a mesmerising visual component to this musical body of work. 2016 we're all going to be immortal. Come prepared.


    No. Track Time
    1 Judgement (Re-recorded 2015) --
    2 Gefallen (Re-recorded 2015) --
    3 Aus den Ruinen (Re-recorded 2015) --
    4 Tiefster Winter (Re-recorded 2015) --
    5 Requiem (Re-recorded 2015) --
    6 Bitterkeit (Re-recorded 2015) --
    7 Changes (Re-recorded 2015) --
    8 Ich gab Dir alles (Re-recorded 2015) --
    9 Love Is Lost (Re-recorded 2015) --
    10 Stumme Schreie (Re-recorded 2015) --
    11 5 Jahre (Re-recorded 2015) --
    12 Phönix (Re-recorded 2015) --
    13 Live Will Never Be The Same Again (Re-recorded 2015) --

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        Last Phase
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        Le Syndicat Electronique
        Lea Porcelain
        Leaether Strip
        Leaves' Eyes
        Lebanon Hanover
        Lederman De Meyer
        Lee Marrow
        LeeLoo Kobayashi
        Left Spine Down (LSD)
        Leger des Heils
        Les Anges de la Nuit
        Les Berrtas
        Les Fleurs Du Mal
        Les Modules Etrange
        Les Panties
        Les Secrets de Morphée
        Lescure 13
        Letzte Instanz
        Level 2.0
        Level Pi
        Libido Formandi
        Lie Detector
        Liebe Tod+Teufel
        Life Cried
        Life On Mars
        Light In Your Life
        Lights Of Euphoria
        Lights Out Asia
        Lilies on Mars
        Linkin Park
        Liquid Divine
        Liquid G.
        Liquid Grey
        Liquid Newt
        Liquid Trauma
        Lisa Morgenstern
        Liv Kristine
        Lizard Pool
        Logic & Olivia
        Logical Tears
        Lohse, Sebastian
        Lola Angst
        Lola Kumtus
        Lolita Komplex
        London After Midnight
        Lord of the Lost
        Lords of Acid
        Lost Area
        Lost In Desire
        Lost On Me
        Lost Reality
        Lost Signal
        Lotus Feed
        Love In Prague
        Love Is Colder Than Death
        Love, Glenn
        Lovelorn Dolls
        Luc Stargazer
        Lucifer's Aid
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