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Lightshifters - The Storm (Single CD)

Lightshifters - The Storm (Single CD)

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Released on: 10/25/2013

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After Lightshifters dreamy melancholic debut song „Luminous“ (August 2012) the Norwegian / German duo release their new single „The Storm“. With profound atmospheric electronic arrangements and moving vocals, the A-side draws you into the undergoing turmoil of a broken heart - storming beneath an imposed outer calm proving impossible to sustain in the long run. Followed by the stirring song „Fire“ that evokes a divine concept about love being an eternal entity living in all things, that there´s a deeper meaning behind our existence.

Musician Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann aka Phoenix (Norwegian) has besides Lightshifters various projects contributing as songwriter and vocalist. Together with Xerxes aka Klaus Lunde a second EP was released this year (april 2013) "First Ray of Light".

Sound engineer and musician Michael Pfirrmann is the owner of Klangkomplex in Lübeck / Germany. During the 90s he founded the dark electro band Inscape, active till early 2000. Since then his art-project Odradek emerged inspired by the story „The Worries of a Householder“ written by Franz Kafka. In 2009 his well received debut album „Zeichensetzung“ was released.


No. Track Time
1 The Storm 04:44
2 Fire 04:06

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