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Kim Lunner - This Is Me (CD)

Kim Lunner - This Is Me (CD)


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Released on: 05. June 2020

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Kim Lunner says:

"I am 44 years old from Norway. I Lived in a small town called Halden. I started with music for about 12 years ago. I`ve always liked music and dance from when I was younger. That`s what my younger times was all about. Then I started with the music. Made my own knowledge for music, and today this is my best hobby. I have to friends (Thomas ang Geir ) playing in a band called supercraft. It was they who made me start producing. Vladimir Romanov has been following my work for a whiles I took the courage and made an album, This is me.

This is me. Is an album I worked on in 2019 and 2020.My goal was to create an Album that represents me and who I am as a musician. It applies and dares to challenge themselves and get out of the comfort zone. My songs are written on my own experiences and my own events in life.

During the production I have been greatly assisted by Thomas Hansen ( supercraft ) and Richard Bjorklund ( spektralized ). These are two men with a lot of experience and understanding. Thomas Hansen has made the cover art and Richard Bjorklund has helped me sing properly and mastered the album. I feel lucky to have them as a friend in my life.

I was uncertain at a time where my music would lead me. I hadn’t done music before, I couldn`t play Peano and I didn’t know where to start at all. But after many years I learned to use the music program, learned to play the Peano and arrange the music so it gets a nice harmony.

But today I got the album This Is Me with amazing feedback from Vladimir Romanov my friends and family.I thank you so much for your support and hope you all enjoy the album.

Love from kim lunner"


No. Track Time
1 Human --
2 Just For A Second --
3 Another Day --
4 One Of A Kind --
5 Inferno --
6 Alone --
7 Nothing More To Say --
8 Let`s Breath For A Moment --
9 Now I’m Free --
10 Holding To The Frame --

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