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Von Magnet - Ni Prédateur Ni Proie (CD)

Von Magnet - Ni Prédateur Ni Proie (CD)


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Released on: 19. September 2008

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von magnet dreams of the existence of other possible paths; thin and minute. those tightrope walking paths almost invisible. bouncing in between two perils, two poles, above empires, across frames, which can slip through the breaches of any walls. that is the story of this album. when rage is accompanied by tears. this album is our reaction facing the brutal reality of our world today. a world under pressure where all is put into opposition, where everything would like to divide us and where we are being arbitrarily dictated the absolute necessity of a choice. but with "ni prédateur ni proie" (neither predator nor prey) we will not choose our side.


Nr. Track Time
1 growing vs fading --
2 into the breach --
3 instead --
4 kedma --
5 capricious horse (who leads the) ? --
6 light thread --
7 bare hands --
8 minefield dance --
9 mann hinter dem vorhang --
10 splinter of glass --
11 mostar angels --
12 death is a gift --

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