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Mantus - Fatum (Best Of 2000 - 2012) (2CD)

Mantus - Fatum (Best Of 2000 - 2012) (2CD)

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Released on: 06/28/2013

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„Fatum“ is the first best-of album since 2006's „Chronik“ - already emphasizing its meaning with the title: For MARTIN SCHINDLER, MANTUS is more than a band. It is his fate, his „Fatum“. On two jam-packed CDs, the architect of tears casts a glance backwards upon the years 2000 to 2012, upon twelve long years of Gothic history. A lot of things have happened in these years, crises and blows that made it all but certain whether this project would see the year 2013. Somewhat programmatic, the best-of commences with „Untergang“, the opening hymn of „Requiem“ to whose tunes the scene danced as one in 2009. And this is only the beginning – albeit a very fitting at that. What follows are 29 tracks – from the melancholy Todeskunst beginnings („Gemeinsam in den Tod“) via irreplaceable Gothic classics like „Kleiner Engel flügellos“ up to more current, guitar driven Gothic Rock anthems („Hoffnungslos allein“), every single MANTUS era gets the respect it deserves. Needless to say that this can't be enough.

„Fatum“ is a far cry from the usual compilation of a career's highlights. This double album is the consistent documentary of the burning passion with which MARTIN SCHINDLER worked from the very beginning – and which he holds dear to this date. Alternative and previously unreleased versions, carefully updated remakes of the early Gothic monuments „Kleiner Engel flügellos“, „Wie ein Engel“ or „Gemeinsam in den Tod“ as well as the brand-new, biting and intense song „Trauma“ add to this melancholic stroll through the past. Only in its all-embracing splendour, „Fatum“ proves how much German Gothic actually owes this project. MANTUS are among the last remaining poets of the true Gothic culture – and „Fatum“ is their timeless legacy.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Untergang --
2 Phönix (Remake) --
3 Legenden --
4 Haus der Lüge --
5 Kleiner Engel flügellos (Remake) --
6 Ein Schatten --
7 Königreich der Angst --
8 Loki --
9 Das Lied von der Elbe --
10 Tausend Tode --
11 Blaue Grenze --
12 Mantusalem --
13 Aus Traum und Wirklichkeit (Version 2005) --
14 Tanz der Sinne --
15 Trauermarsch --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Hoffnungslos allein --
2 Still --
3 Wie ein Engel (Remake) --
4 Trauma --
5 Küss mich wach --
6 Stummes Gebet --
7 Vanitas --
8 Julia --
9 Schuld --
10 Träumerei --
11 Unterwelt --
12 Seelenlos (Feat. Black Heaven) --
13 Etikette tötet --
14 Ein Hauch von Wirklichkeit (Piano Version) --
15 Gemeinsam in den Tod (Remake) --

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