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Mantus - Manifest / Limited 1st Edition (CD)

Mantus - Manifest / Limited 1st Edition (CD)


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This product will be released on 01/29/2021.
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The limited first edition of this album is published as:

  • CD in digipak
  • 20 pages booklet
  • Hand-numbered
  • Signed by Martin Schindler (MANTUS)
  • Booklet including all lyrics
  • Strictly limited to 1,000 copies

You cannot see those in the dark? Martin Schindler does. He knows what it means to carry your own personal hell around with you. What it means to fight every single day for one tiny spark of light in this utter darkness. For more than 20 years he has been waging a war against the abyss in himself. Not with swords and the clamour of battle, though. But through his music. With every new album, with every new piece of music he reconquers a piece of that light he lost so long ago. And even though he knows he will never entirely leave the shadows behind, he urges us on to do the same, never stopping to seek the light at the end of that endless tunnel.

“Manifest” is the name of his latest MANTUS opus. And again, the title could not be more fitting to both the world he presents on this record and the sickness around all of us. It’s the year of the plague, of deceased dreams and destroyed livelihoods. Ever close to the misfits of society, MANTUS clad our present-day despair, fear and uncertainty in music that could not be more emotionally devastating. Deep melancholy, superseded by bitterness and outright fury, songs like clenched fists, by monuments to persistence, empathy and humaneness. Albeit true to the elegant trademark sound MANTUS stands for, it’s these moments that remind of the intense protest culture of the former German Democratic Republic: Songs like anthems for a new time, like swan songs for the old world we have to leave behind in order to be reborn.

Massive guitars, nostalgic piano, throbbing drums paint decidedly sombre landscapes onto a bittersweet canvas, infused with Martin Schindler’s weltschmerz-heavy voice and his elegiac counterpart Chiara Amberia. Be it an enigmatic goth rock street ballad, defiant smashers with an almost punkish edge or ashen grey hymns to the morbid beauty of urban nightfall: Not two years after the ingenious double strike “Katharsis” / “Pagan Folk Songs” MANTUS return as creative, as inspired as restless as ever – and that, mind you, after ten studio albums in the last decade alone!

Only a couple of years ago one would have thought Martin Schindler had succumbed to hopelessness, using MANTUS as his vehicle to cover the apocalypse from a multitude of angles. “Manifest”, however, is living proof that he’s more than willing to fight for his world. He may lose this fight. Yet by delivering some of his most intense, most beautiful and most contemporary songs ever he’s making clear that he will not give up until the very end. This is his manifesto, his creed. Redemption is uncertain. But that’s okay. Because the music remains. Forever.


No. Track Time
1 Moritat --
2 Fast perfekte Welt --
3 Mantra --
4 Nordwind --
5 Durch die Nacht --
6 Straßen der Stadt --
7 Lohokla --
8 Kriegerin --
9 Tote Geräusche --
10 Keine Sterne --
11 Dickicht --
12 Die Hölle in mir --
13 Empor --

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