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The Mission - The Complete Another Fall From Grace / Limited Deluxe Box (2x 12" Vinyl + 2CD + DVD)

The Mission - The Complete Another Fall From Grace / Limited Deluxe Box (2x 12\" Vinyl + 2CD + DVD)


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Released on: 05/12/2017

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Extraordinary 20 pages limited book edition with lyrics and all artwork variations and drafts. It contains two 180g vinyls, a 2CD set as well as a DVD with all recordings of the highly acclaimed top 40 album from 2016. "The Complete Another Fall From Grace" also contains two brand new bonus tracks and four video clips on the bonus DVD.

Produced by Wayne Hussey & Tim Palmer.

Guest Backing Vocals by Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ville Valo (HIM), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) & Evi Vine.

Tracklisting - CD 1:

No. Track Time
1 Another Fall From Grace --
2 Met-Amor-Phosis --
3 Within The Deepest Darkness (Fearful) --
4 Blood On The Road --
5 Can't See The Ocean For The Rain --
6 Tyranny Of Secrets --
7 Never's Longer Than Forever --
8 Bullets & Bayonets --
9 Valaam --
10 Jade --
11 Only You & You Alone --
12 Phantom Pain --

Tracklisting - CD 2:

No. Track Time
1 Met-Amor-Phosis (MGT remix) --
2 Tyranny Of Secrets (Motorcade remix) (NEW REMIX BY TOM DALGETY) --
3 Parasites (NEW TRACK) --
4 Sleeping Pills (NEW TRACK) --
5 Met-Amor-Phosis (Acoustic balladeer version) --
6 Only You & You Alone (Radio edit) --
7 Met-Amor-Phosis (Black Star remix) --

Tracklisting - Viny 1&2:

No. Track Time
A1 Another Fall From Grace --
A2 Met-Amor-Phosis --
A3 Within The Deepest Darkness (Fearful) --
A4 Blood On The Road --
B1 Cant' See The Ocean For The Rain --
B2 Tyranny Of Secrets --
B3 Never's Longer Than Forever --
B4 Bullets & Bayonets --
B5 Valaam --
C1 Jade --
C2 Only You & You Alone --
C3 Phantom Pain --
D1 Met-Amor-Phosis (MGT Remix) --
D2 Tyranny Of Secrets (Motorcade Remix) --
D3 Parasites --
D4 Sleeping Pills --
D5 Met-Amor-Phosis (acoustic balladeer version) --

Tracklisting - DVD:

No. Track Time
1 Met-Amor-Phosis --
2 Tyranny Of Secrets --
3 Blood On The Road --
4 Only You & You Alone --

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