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Naked Lunch - 80s Singles (12" Vinyl)

Naked Lunch - 80s Singles (12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 03/22/2019

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TRACKS A1 + A2 Taken from the 7" 'Rabies / Slipping Again'. Originally released on Ramkup Records 1981 CAC003.

TRACKS A3 + B1 Taken from the 7" 'You Tie Me Down / Laugh Your Mind Away'. Originally released on Pleazure Records Ltd. 1984 PLZS341.

TRACKS B2 + B3 Taken from the 7" 'Make Believe / Breathe'. Originally released on Pleazure Records Ltd. 1984 PLZS843.


No. Track Time
A1 Rabies 04:55
A2 Slipping Again 03:57
A3 You Tie Me Down 03:26
B1 Laugh Your Mind Away 03:32
B2 Make Believe 03:35
B3 Breathe 03:40

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    Northern Lite
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