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Nitzer Ebb - 1982-2010 BOX SET / Limited Black Vinyls (10x 12" Vinyl)


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Released on: 10/19/2018

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This career spanning retrospective box marks the first time that all five of the band’s albums for Geffen/Mute have been collected in one complete box set. The box set features expanded double black vinyl of each album (10 vinyl LPs in all), with several bonus tracks and hard to find 12” mixes - all carefully curated and remastered by Pylon Records. The original artwork has also been expanded into gatefold sleeves, with embossing and spot UV finish. It also contains a large size booklet with liner notes by the band's co-founders Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris, along with unseen photos, flyers and artwork, detailing their entire career in chronological order from Essex to Los Angeles. These albums have been out-of-print since the early '90s and have never been reissued prior to this.

The actual two-piece box is made of hard board stock, wrapped with leather paper and the UV design is hot foiled stamped. The box also has accommodated extra space inside for their first self-released album, Basic Pain Procedure, from 1983 and their last release, Industrial Complex, from 2010, to complete the collection by the fans, as these titles have been in print in recent years.

  • THAT TOTAL AGE: Limited Edition Gatefold Embossed Sleeve, containing two Black Vinyl LPs, with five bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Join In The Chant,” “Let Your Body Learn” and rare instrumental version of “Murderous.”
  • BELIEF: Limited Edition Gatefold Embossed, UV Sleeve, containing two Black Vinyl Discs, with six bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Control I’m Here,” “ Shame,” “Hearts & Minds” and a band favorite “Backlash.”
  • SHOWTIME: Limited Edition Gatefold UV Sleeve, containing two Black Vinyl LPs, with five bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Lightning Man,“ Fun To Be Had” and “Getting Closer.”
  • EBBHEAD: Limited Edition Gatefold Spot UV Foil Sleeve, containing two Black Vinyl LPs, with seven bonus tracks, including the highly acclaimed “AS IS” EP along with remixes by Vince Clarke, Barry Adamson and Flood.
  • BIG HIT: Limited Edition Gatefold Spot UV Foil Sleeve, containing two Black Vinyl LPs, with five Bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Kick it” and “I Thought.”

Tracklisting LP1: "THAT TOTAL AGE"

No. Track Time
A1 Fitness To Purpose --
A2 Warsaw Ghetto --
A3 Violent Playground --
A4 Murderous --
B1 Smear Body --
B2 Join In The Chant --
B3 Alarm --
B4 Let Your Body Learn --

Tracklisting LP2: "THAT TOTAL AGE"

No. Track Time
C1 Let Beauty Loose --
C2 Into The Large Air --
C3 Murderous (Instrumental) - Bonus --
C4 Fitness to Purpose (Mix Two) - Bonus --
D1 Join In The Chant (Burn! 12” Mix) - Bonus --
D2 Let Your Body Learn (12” Mix) - Bonus --
D3 Join In The Chant (Metal Mix) - Bonus --

Tracklisting LP1: "BELIEF"

No. Track Time
A1 Hearts and Minds --
A2 For Fun --
A3 Control I’m Here --
A4 Captivate --
A5 T.W.A --
B1 Blood Money --
B2 Shame --
B3 Drive --
B4 Without Belief --

Tracklisting LP2: "BELIEF"

No. Track Time
C1 Control I’m Here (Command Control Confront Mix) - Bonus --
C2 Shame (Mix no 2 William Orbit) - Bonus --
C3 K.I.A. (PK Mix) - Bonus --
D1 Captivate (William Orbit Mix) - Bonus --
D2 Hearts & Minds (Mix Subsonic) - Bonus --
D3 Backlash (William Orbit Mix) - Bonus --

Tracklisting LP1: "SHOWTIME"

No. Track Time
A1 Getting Closer --
A2 Nobody Knows --
A3 One Mans Burden --
A4 All Over --
A5 My Heart --
B1 Lightning Man --
B2 Rope --
B3 Hold On --
B4 Fun To Be Had --

Tracklisting LP2: "SHOWTIME"

No. Track Time
C1 Lightning Man (The Industry Vs. The Ebb Remix) - Bonus --
C2 Fun To Be Had (Long Mix George Clinton) - Bonus --
C3 Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix) - Bonus --
D1 Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix) - Bonus --
D2 Lightning Man (RSW Mix) - Bonus --
D3 Getting Closer (The Trance Mix) - Bonus --

Tracklisting LP1: "EBBHEAD"

No. Track Time
A1 Reasons --
A2 Lakeside Drive --
A3 I Give To You --
A4 Sugar Sweet --
A5 DJVD --
B1 Time --
B2 Ascend --
B3 Godhead --
B4 Trigger Happy --

Tracklisting LP2: "EBBHEAD"

No. Track Time
C1 Family Man (Jaz Coleman Mix) -Bonus --
C2 Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) - Bonus --
C3 Lovesick (Flood Mix) - Bonus --
C4 Higher (Barry Adamson Mix) - Bonus --
D1 Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix) - Bonus --
D2 I Give To You (Pestilence Mix) - Bonus --
D3 Godhead (Remix) - Bonus --

Tracklisting LP1: "BIG HIT"

No. Track Time
A1 Cherry Blossom --
A2 Hear Me Say --
A3 Kick It --
A4 I Thought --
B1 Flood Water --
B2 Border Talk --
B3 In Decline --
B4 Living Out Of A Bag --

Tracklisting LP2: "BIG HIT"

No. Track Time
C1 Boy --
C2 Our Own World --
C3 Friend (Brittle Mix) - Bonus --
C4 Beats Me - Bonus --
D1 Kick It (Adrian Sherwood Compulsion Edit) - Bonus --
D2 Kick It (Popular Music Mix) - Bonus --
D3 I Thought (Final Sin) - Bonus --

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