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Object - Epilogue Of Fear (CD)

Object - Epilogue Of Fear (CD)


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Released on: 18. November 2022

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Andreas Malik aka Object is back with his new album "Epilogue of Fear". Object's sixth album is his darkest, heaviest and most dystopian-sounding work to date. This time Malik focuses more on real song structures and the harsh distorted Vocals are more emotional than ever.

Deep bubbling basslines, heavily distorted guitars and carefully selected samples & field recordings are leading the listener into an intricate, pessimistic & menacing world of sound. Expect 10 new tracks and remixes from Wide Dreams and Syntech.


No. Track Time
1 The Tormented Mind --
2 Nothing Left Inside --
3 Nowhere To Hide --
4 Sprawl/Undone --
5 Hidden Perceptions --
6 Memories Dissolved --
7 Epilogue Of Fear --
8 Antagonize --
9 Triptamine Psychosis --
10 Last Day --
11 Hidden Perceptions (Syntech Remix) --
12 Mescaline Crisis (Epic Clubmix by Wide Dreams) --

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