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Omnimar - Start / ReRelease (CD)

Omnimar - Start / ReRelease (CD)


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Released on: 26. November 2021

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New limited digipak 2021 edition of OMNIMAR's debut album "Start" (2015)

In icy cold Russia, it becomes scorching hot when Maria Mar and Yaroslav enter the scene and all gazes turn towards them. The Moscow duo OMNIMAR are confident and style conscious, and their music melts male and female hearts alike.

You could imagine that the stunningly beautiful frontwoman MARIA MAR could even cause the sun itself to degrade into a nebulous gassy ball. Like simply no other, she knows how to use her voice, which she presents in three languages, to convey an atmosphere that is simply unique, and which is embedded in synth pop of the very highest quality, and which leaves you begging for more.

With OMNIMAR, musical ability, aspiration and beauty all blend into a symphony that is equally hot and cold, light and dark, serious and emphatic. In short: the contrasts fuse into a unique whole that opens up a new world to the listener; a world so comprehensive that it is both illusion and reality at the same time.

In order to do so, the duo skilfully employ all media forms, and so appear on stage and in their highly professional music videos in lavish outfits and scenes that are always different and always elaborately arranged. But as they pursue their path, OMNIMAR never get diverted down the avenues of multifacetedness for its own sake, but always remain true to themselves, as they demonstrate on their latest masterpiece, ‘Start’.

The album’s 11 tracks invite the listener to a journey for all the senses; a journey that seems to begin in the ruins of a difficult childhood, and which then moves through an entire life; past broken self-protection mechanisms, emotional breakdowns and loves found and lost. Even though the subject matter seems so difficult and disturbing, ‘Start’ nevertheless manages to induce every fibre of the being to begin dancing movements, which it does in astonishing fashion. In the most skilful manner, the moving lyrics are embedded into catchy melodies with electrifying rhythms, so that your legs almost begin moving by themselves, while your entire body gently rocks backwards and forwards to the gentle sounds, just as if you were in a cradle.

‘Start’ includes an artistic 8-page booklet, which as well as containing the heartrending lyrics, also contains exclusive, alluring photos of the musical dream team that will mercilessly cause hearts to melt. A real highlight for the ears, eyes and heart! Whoever wants to ensure they don’t miss out this


No. Track Time
1 Intro --
2 Fault --
3 Ego Love --
4 Reason --
5 Wrong Direction --
6 Be My Friend --
7 Start --
8 My Little World --
9 Sadizm --
10 Tell Me Your Name --
11 You Save Me --

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