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Opened Paradise - Buried In Rain / Limited Deluxe Edition (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 30.06.2017

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Limited Deluxe edition in lavish Digipak, with 8 pages booklet.

Opened paradise is a Greek progressive, post – goth band formed in Athens in 2003. Their first Album ‘Occult’ was originally released in 2005 on CDr only and for years it was one of the most sought after gem in the international Gothic Rock scene. 2012 finally saw the re-release in nice Digipak and on limited Vinyl of this highly collectable album and quickly turned into an extremely successful release for our distribution. It was soon after followed by the EP ‘Tides’, again both in Digipak and on limited Vinyl.

Now, after a four year absence in which they composed their new album ‘Buried in Rain’, Opened Paradise make a strong appearance and comeback in the darker music scene!

Opened Paradise always references to their lyrics in the hidden truth of myths and legends, to the occult in religion. ‘Buried in Rain’ gives a feeling of what you expect in life and what actually happens in real life. In other words "Buried in Rain" is hermetic – ie: the search for the final truth. To acknowledge fear, to embrace it and at the end letting it be your companion through life.

In a more mature time for the band, their music consists of high level compositions, with a match of Gothic rock, Progressive and post rock elements. Amazing guitars, melodic synths, with a ca- pacity of bass and drum rhythms, combined with the great interpretation of lyrics, compose a unique album that will have an as long ‘living’ and will leave an equally strong impact on the scene as their debut ‘Occult’ did!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Leaving Dreamland 05:25
2 Recreation 03:22
3 Visions Through The Circles Of Chaos 04:20
4 In Flesh 07:52
5 We Burn The Sky 03:31
6 Upon The Vast Universe 05:05
7 Reverence 06:58
8 Yemanja 04:23

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