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Elm - Penetrator / Limited 1st Edition (3CD)

Elm - Penetrator / Limited 1st Edition (3CD)


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Released on: 28. October 2022

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3rd album by Swedish brutal Electronic Body Music act ELM. Relentless machine music aggression for lovers of NITZER EBB and FRONT 242. 3CD limited edition with 8-track bonus tracks/remixes and moody synth solo-album.

Swedish act ELM is back! After the brutal and successful digital EP “Steel Hope” comes the 3rd full-length album “Penetrator”. The first pressing comes out as a limited deluxe digipak edition – a 3-cd body of work that is sure to completely run you over. Physically, mentally and emotionally!

This is uncompromising relentless machine music for body and soul. Devastating bass lines and tenacious rhythms. Honest aggression that you know is genuine! Mass manipulation, social media insanity, violence, propaganda, pandemic and war: “Penetrator” captures the atmosphere of the past years' chaos in an absurd world along with personal hard-ships and battles.

“Penetrator” is nothing less than baptism under fire! A body of work that will penetrate you, shake you up, cleanse you, make you question yourself and the world around you and leave you wondering what the hell just ran you over and turned your guts inside out.

The first edition of “Penetrator’ holds 2 exclusive bonus discs. First off, an extra 8-track CD with 4 top notch additional songs plus 4 outstanding remixes incl. one by Patrick Codenys of FRONT 242. Another pack of solid, well-crafted basslines, stomping rhythms and tight sequencing. All highly suited for the dance floor. Strength is our legacy: never bend – never break! Play it at maximum volume. Let ELM penetrate you!

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Razor Horror --
2 Steel Hope --
3 Outcast --
4 Excuses Excuses --
5 Inquisition --
6 Rejuvenation --
7 Ha-ha-ha-Begär --
8 Shocker --
9 Victim Generation --
10 Vessel of Violence --
11 NWO --
12 Tyomnaya Noch (dark is the night) --

Tracklisting CD2: Bonus

No. Track Time
1 Death Drive --
2 Noise --
3 Amok! --
4 Sex Junkie (edit) --
5 Steel Hope (testosterone drive) --
6 Sex Junkie (abuser mix by Patrick Codenys of Front 242) --
7 Sex Junkie (late night mix) --
8 Vessel of Violence (time to pay mix) --

Tracklisting CD3: "PETER ELM - Fragments Of Longing"

No. Track Time
1 Ganbaru Theme --
2 Somewhen --
3 Black Sheep --
4 Cabourg --
5 Enoshima --
6 Hand-Fish-Star --
7 Lucia --
8 Strangest Flower --
9 With The Last Strength --
10 Ganbaru Theme (voiceless) --

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